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Reason Why Planes Are Painted White?

Reason Why Planes Are Painted White? When a fresh plane rolls out of the workshop, they are very often painted in a greenish anticorrosive paint. So that the plane can be fly or moved to the final assembly line and paint shop. Once the plane arrives at the paint shop, it takes approximately 34 painters working three shifts each day for 15 days to wash, repair, and paint the plane.

After six thousand working hours. They’ve roughly applied 1,100 kilograms of paint on to the plane and that procedure needs to be repeated every 7 to 8 years depending on the use of the plane and cleaning schedule. So after applying a minimum of 2 layers the plane gains a few more pounds to its dry operating weight. And even more it’s a third more colorful layer is sprayed onto it such as the logo etc.

Not all plans are white, yes there are plenty of colorful ones for example “Mango” an airline that operates in South Africa its planes are bright orange. The Hungarian based Wizz Air has planes that are partially painted bright pink and purple. And there’s the Siberian carrier S7 with their break green plains. But these are more of a rare exception. But the general rule goes like this “you’re better off painting your aircraft white”.

So there are some interesting reasons for their white color.

In summer the main reason people prefer white on a hot day is its uncanny ability to reflect sunlight. As Compare to dark colors that absorb sunlight and you quickly understand why you feel like you’re boiling on a summer day while wearing black. So just like clothing, aircraft manufacturers use white paint to keep airplanes cool. It minimizes the heating effect as well as the potential harm and danger from solar radiation. Planes have some parts made from plastics, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. Those things in particular need the most protection and safety from the blazing sun. That’s why all the control surfaces of the plane, along with the cone nose should always be painted white. White paint is 12 times more reflective than darker colors. So you could say that the airplane wears sunblock rather than a black t-shirt to protect itself from the sun.

Concorde, a French British supersonic passenger airliner was covered with a special extra reflective white paint. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have withstood the heat they generated when the plane flew at such high speeds.

The next reason for painting planes white is even more practical. Like a lot of things, it comes down to money. It’s just cheaper to have white-colored aircraft. You see all planes start out white when they’re made but what if an airline decides to paint bright yellow. Well first of all an additional layer of paint will add more than 1000 pounds of weight to the aircraft. More weight means more fuel burn and that can get pricey. The paint itself costs a pretty penny too, that is at least $50000 enough for $200000 to paint just one plane.

Also if a plane has some damage, such as a crack, dent, or oil spill, the white background makes it much easier to spot and repair the fault. Plus if the aircraft goes down in a crash happens, rescuers will be able to locate a white plain much faster. White airplanes all report by search rescue teams who find it easier to identify white airplane debris after a crash.

Additionally, airlines often end up selling the aircraft to other companies. And they will find it hard to do so if the color scheme is anything but white. Also, rumors have it that white airplanes are less prone to bird strikes as they are high in contrast compared to planes with colorful paint jobs.


Space X BFR: Earth to Earth Travel in 30 Minutes

Space X BFR: Earth to Earth Travel in 30 Minutes. Back in 2017, Space X announced that they were seriously working towards using their BFR for Earth to Earth travel. Their plan involved the boat that may take many passengers to resolute a floating launch site. Where a BFR would be waiting to require them to their destination. The BFR would launch, break free its booster, and perform a propulsive landing at its new destination.

By leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, it’d allow the BFR to travel at much greater speeds than a standard airliner. Therefore reducing flight times enormously. Space X predicts that the BFR could travel anywhere on Earth in under an hour and complete most international flights in under a half-hour.

With the BFR already under construction for its first trip to Mars within the early 20s. The truth of earth to Earth rocket travel could also be much closer. However, before we start launching humans around the world on the foremost powerful rocket ever built. There are some enormous engineering, economic, and political challenges that should be overcome.

Elon Musk said “If you build a ship, that’s capable of visiting Mars. What if you’re taking that very same ship and go from one place to a different on Earth”

In order to achieve a security rating, which is on par with traditional airliners. The BFR would reach a fatality rate of only one death for each 60 million passengers, which the aviation industry has already achieved in 2017.

So far, the spaceflight industry has only achieved a rate of 1 death for every 31 astronauts. Since out of the 564 those that are into space 18 died. Although this rate is improving with every crewed mission that heads into space.
Not only will the BFR have to be the safest rocket ever built. It will also have to be the most affordable to work if it competes with the commercial airline industry.

Airlines: United, Delta, and American all depend upon international flights for an oversized percentage of their revenue.
If Space X can make the ticket price for a BFR ride low enough. They might start to create a dent within the traditional airline industry.

In order for Space X to challenge the commercial airline market, they’ll have to master the art of rocket reusability. The common price for an economy ticket from New York to Shanghai costs around $550. Consistent with Musk, the BFR will have an analogous capacity to the Airbus A 380 at around 850 passengers. Given an analogous ticket price Space X would collect around $467,000 per flight.

However, at that price Space X would struggle to create any profit. Once they factored within the cost of fueling and launching a rocket of that size. This is often where the importance of reusability comes in.
The Falcon nine currently costs around 37 million to manufacture, which is considerably cheaper than an A 380 that cost 375 million. But only 75% of the Falcon Nine is reusable and still requires lots of costly refurbishment, only to be thrown away after about 10 flights.

Compare this to an aircraft just like the Airbus A 380, which usually includes a lifespan of around, 27 years, and might make about 35,000 flights, before being retired.
If these airplanes were thrown away after just some flights, there wouldn’t be a marketplace for commercial aviation. Unlike the Falcon nine, the BFR is meant to be fully reusable and ready to endure many flights before any refurbishment is required.

For a flight like New York to Shanghai, the ticket price for a BFR ride will have to be somewhere between economy class and business class. So as for Space X to create a profit.

One of the largest challenges of all will presumably are available in the shape of seeking government approval. Getting governments around the world to cooperate and approve something so complex and risky. Which isn’t visiting be easy. So to guard the population from falling rockets and to scale back the sound disturbance. The BFR will initially launch and land perplexed.
This is another obstacle for BFR passenger transport since it’d only be ready to travel between big coastal cities, leaving the standard airliners to require care of small regional flights.

Another objection to BFR Earth travel is that the intense acceleration that passengers are going to be put through during launch. Musk mentioned that the G forces would be kind of like a roller coaster ride at around two or three G’s.
This rules out an oversized chunk of the population, just like the elderly, pregnant women, and people with heart conditions, who will choose to wing a less expensive and easier ride, which airliners currently offer.

Although the concept of rockets replacing airliners is currently just a dream, which many folks think is impossible. It is vital to recollect that the identical thing was once said about airplanes.

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Why does Spacesuit Cost in Millions?

Why does Spacesuit Cost in Millions? If you take a look at it it’s hard to believe that this fluffy thing costs, way more than gold of its equivalent weight. So what is the reason for that? Why are the spacesuits so expensive domain. Standard spacesuit costs $12 Million.

When people first started to imagine space travel, it became pretty clear that human bodies are fragile for space travel. It’s not that fragile, as we see in movies like the instant dead, is not true. People can retain consciousness for about 15 seconds without a spacesuit in space.

And that overdramatize incentivizing is also not true. It takes time doesn’t boil, either as it remains pressurized in the body. So the spacesuits are designed to do a lot of things in a very small place stable pressure spacesuits need to maintain stable pressure inside to prevent decompression sickness, which is a very painful way to death.

Recruited Portable Life Support Systems

The spacesuits are also recruited portable life support systems that supplies, oxygen, and removes carbon dioxide. These need to regulate the temperature. The temperature in phase can vary from scorching hot in sunlight to near absolute zero in shadows, so they need to be heavily insulated.

They also needed a communication system to talk to other astronauts and the spacecraft. And we should not forget about the waste-collecting system as spacewalks can get a bit long. There are dangerous ultraviolet and particle radiation all around the space that can get you before you realize what hits you, so you need to shield yourself from that.

Protect from Micrometeorites

One other reason that space has micrometeorites traveling at the speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour. These will hit astronauts like a bullet. So the spacesuits are designed to ensure that these are designed to endure all that without compromising. A lot of mobility, as astronauts need to perform a lot of complicated tasks while wearing these.

These suits are designed and made by highly qualified engineers and scientists, a lot of tests are performed on them to ensure that every micrometer of them works perfectly. And of course, they are not mass-produced. All these factors make this probably the most expensive sort of person can ever wear.


China’s Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

China’s Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun. China’s artificial sun will be ready this year. This artificial sun is six times hotter than the real sun, which could generate unlimited energy to the world.

According to media reports, this artificial sun will reach one hundred million degrees Celsius which is six times hotter than the real sun.

According to Scientists, this will help harness the power and energy of nuclear fusion. Which would revolutionize the world energy Eco. China’s artificial sun was announced last November but rapid progress has been done.

China's Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

According to media reports, in early trials scientists have achieved high temperatures.  Scientists are using a device called a tokamak. Tokamak has a powerful magnetic field to trap hot plasma. It is around fifteen million degrees Celsius at our sun’s core but the plasma from China’s artificial sun has reached an electron temperature of one hundred million degrees Celsius and an ion temperature of fifty million degrees Celsius.

Energy is generated by ions. Ion temperature will be raised up to one hundred million degrees. Ion temperature is usually lower than electron temperature, so this may be difficult.

China's Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

High-pressure nuclear fusion requires extremely high temperatures which the artificial sun could provide. If this project of china’s artificial sun is successful, it will do great help to ITER – International.

Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Scientists from thirty-five different countries are working on this mega project, to generate new energy sources using nuclear fusion. If nuclear fusion can be harnessed using the low energy method. It could allow for the creation of unlimited clean energy.

In November Chinese researchers announced that the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) Reactor – an artificial sun designed to mimic the nuclear fusion process the real sun uses to generate energy, had reached an electron temperature of one hundred million degrees Celsius.

If China is successful in finishing HL-2M reactors this year, the international community will take years to apply the lessons learned from China’s artificial sun to the ITER reactor before it fires up its first Plasma, which is currently scheduled for 2025.

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Why Space Is Dark? Answer Tells Us Important Things about How Universe Work

Why the sky is dark at night you might think the answer is obvious the sun isn’t up! When you look at the sky at night or a picture of space what that strikes you the most?

But the only reason sky looks blue during the day, is that light of sun scatters off at the atmosphere. If we didn’t have an atmosphere like on the moon in the sky would always be dark even when the sun is shining.

Stars as they are the things that light up the night but in reality. There is another thing that should get you in the same way which is the darkness of space. The darkness of the night sky itself.

So let’s rephrase the question why is space dark? It may seem like a silly question but in reality, the answer is not as obvious as it seems, and trying to answer it. Tells us important things about how the universe works.

When we look at the night sky and we see these big dark regions of space in a sense we have before our eyes. A test of the nature of the universe and the correctness of the Big Bang model.

Looking into those dark regions we are not seeing stars but we are seeing an agent light. That comes from the origin of the universe but we cannot see more with our eyes. Why should it surprise us that space is dark?

That there is so much darkness in the night sky. Imagine you are in a forest surrounded by trees but also noticed the empty space between the trees now imagine that you’re increasing the number of trees in that forest.

You will see less and less empty space between a tree and the other as more is added. If the trees become an infinite number you should not see empty spaces between one tree in the other.

You should be completely surrounded by trees in any direction. The trees closest to you will seem bigger wall the faraway ones may seem smaller but the overall result is that as you look around all you see are trees no empty space.

Well, this example of infinite forests and endless trees should help us understand what we should expect if the universe were infinite and contain an infinite number of stars it should shine like the surface of a start.

Space is full of stars, countless stars which are all about as bright as the sun and in an infinite eternal universe no matter what direction you picked if you look far enough in that direction you would see a star or galaxy. So the whole sky should be as bright as the sun night and day and since it’s not.

If there is an infinite number of stars and are distributed so uniform throughout the space looking in any direction you should see a star. The nearest star shines more than the stars farther away from us.

The brightness of the light source or stark decreases with the distance. But the number of stars grows with the distance as well the same area is filling more and more stars.

Therefore the decrease of brightness in increasing the number of stars is perfectly balanced or so you would think. The final result should be that the whole night sky should shine like the surface of the star. This fact was thought about when it was noticed and began to create some downs to astronomers. This included Kepler In the year 1600.

When he had accounted for this problem and then later the German astronomer Olbers spoke in one of his works about it and this is the reason why the question about the night sky is called Ober’s paradox. But why is it a paradox? Well because what we’re looking at is in the night sky is bright as a star but a dark sky.

There are several possibilities one possibility would simply be that there is no infinite number of stars in the universe. This is something that astronomers in the past took in and yet it seemed a bit strange. Because if you imagine that there is an infinite number of stars in the universe this would not only saying that there would be a point privileged within the universe or the center of this distribution of stars.

Another possibility is that the universe does not exist. As we think it does and this is a possibility that brings us a little closer to the answer that we think today is the right one. The idea is basically that if the universe has not always existed so stars have not always existed also if there is an infinite number.

If we lived in an infinite unchanging universe. The entire sky would be as bright as the sun but the sky is dark at night. Both because the universe had a beginning. So there are stars in every direction and more importantly because the light from super distant stars and the even more distant cosmic background radiation gets red-shifted away from the visible spectrum by the expansion of the universe so we just plain can’t see it.

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Do you have what it takes to Become an Astronaut?

Do you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Astronauts are trained around the world in many alternative locations. These include the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

However, unlike other careers, they are doing not always accept new recruits within the US. NASA makes it announcements that applicants are wanted on as per need basis.

The EU Space Agency hasn’t been hospitable astronaut selection since 1992. And even then, applications were accepted for just months on the rare occasion that position release the competition is kind of intense, over the years.

NASA has an upwards trend in interest. It said an all-time record in 2016, with over, 18,000 people submitting applications. Only 120 people are invited to attend an interview and of those, just half are welcomed back for those in Europe. The probabilities of becoming selected for training also are very slim during the last recruitment in 2009.

Only six were picked out of 8413, when do astronauts are needed candidates. The candidate must-have vast knowledge and skill to satisfy and preferably exceed educational program admittance guidelines. Irrespective of where they’re those that apply must be exceptionally strong in several key areas.

These typically include a high-level education, flying experience, and proof of physical and ability as an example to qualified to coach with NASA. Candidates must first complete an undergraduate program and earn their degree. And not just any major are accepted.

While there aren’t any schools or university tracks specific to the sphere. There are ways to find out applicable skills, you’ll focus your studies in Engineering, Mathematics, physics, biological, or computer sciences.

In addition to the current candidates must even have 1000 hours of your time commanding a jet aircraft. The third and last NASA requirement is passing a physical examination. Which has many alternative parts, among other things, there are vital sign limitations likewise as height limitations just how tall or short you are.

If you are not the proper height, you will be disqualified, as you will not fit inside a spacesuit.
In addition to the current, for obvious reasons, you will be able to see well with vision either naturally with surgery or with lenses

Similar to NASA the EU Space Agency requires a high standard of education in technical or scientific disciplines. Strength is taken into consideration and that they list additional mental abilities that prospective astronauts must succeed. These include the power to deal with high-stress situations, get together with others, and generally be adaptable.

time in space

Spaceflights may last for months, those within the spacecraft are crammed all at once with the identical people, each and each day, getting along are imperative to successfully tackling unforeseen situations, as they are available.

It will even be necessary to figure well as a team and to complete a given mission. Additionally to all or any of this, the Russian research Training Center claims that the concepts of motivation and trainability also are key for brand new recruits with the quantity of coaching.

They will be required to complete candidates must be willing to stay it through and exerting to master new things.
Astronauts must also know what to try as they orbit in space. For this purpose, they’ll be taught the concepts behind orbits and astronomy. Astronauts also are given access to a practical spacecraft model.
In order that they learn the way its different components function.

They will learn things like how the rocket propels the craft and the way insulation regulates equipment temperature. And after all very critically about how the systems work. That provides them with essential necessities like food, water, and air.
More than knowing how of these work, astronauts must even be able to respond effectively to their failure further he or she must know the way to guard them in any disaster.

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How much Astronauts Earn and Why Government Deduct Money from their Salaries?

How much Astronauts Earn. Among the jobs that many people seek, because of the imaginative experiences they provide is the job of astronauts. Astronauts have a pretty cool job, they get to go to space, they get to fly around in zero-G probably get to do a lot of cool experiments, but being an astronaut, it’s pretty dangerous, essentially, in a big rocket.

There’s a lot of hardware and other equipment that might break. And there’s also space radiation and other hazards that can be dangerous to an astronaut body.

We might think that these are very high paying jobs.

Does the Astronaut get a Substantial Salary?

NASA has disclosed some information about the salaries of its employee’s astronauts. To meet the wishes of people to identify this information. It also explained how astronauts live, how they eat, sleep, and behave.

In terms of salaries, Astronauts do not exceed the funds of a mid-sized company manager in the United States. Whose salaries ranged from the US $64,000 to $142,000 a year. Making it an average job given annual earnings space may be one of the most striking areas for us to see how vast the universe is and how small the earth is.

Why Government Deduct Money from their Salaries?

When the astronauts went to the moon, back in 0ctober 1968. NASA actually deducted money from their salaries, because they were providing the astronauts with their food on the accommodation for the duration of the trip.

You must know that over time the astronaut loses a sense of smell because of the Nasal obstruction. And gradually loses the sense of taste as well.

For this reason, NASA is preparing foods that do not spoil quickly. Those foods that have a lot of nuts and sweets. As for bathing it’s no different from the way most people shower on the floor.

This is followed by a sponge with a little water and so on it to keep the water as long as possible. Water is a valuable resource that is difficult to get in space. So the astronauts always tried to keep it for as long as they can.

It is a dangerous job and there is a lot of risks, Astronauts do because they like space, science, and exploration and the benefits that these things can bring to mankind.

Did You Know?

NASA and Space X Confirms that they are working with Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space.


What is On the Other Side of Black Hole?

What is On the Other Side of Black Hole? Normal maps are useless inside black holes. Time and space buckle around black holes and the laws of physics start to break down. What happens inside, what’s at the bottom of the black hole, is there even another side. The true answer is, we don’t exactly know, but that are some key theories.

There are two types of black holes that we know of supermassive black holes which are the heart of every galaxy and stellar-mass black holes. The supermassive black hole has half the mass of millions of stars and stellar-mass black holes are still dance, but on a much smaller scale and they can move.

Super massive Black Hole
Supermassive Black Hole

We don’t know how supermassive black holes formed but we do have some insight into stellar masses. This stellar-mass black hole comes from the gravitational collapse of huge stars.

For Example, Our Sun, would not be big enough to form a black hole. When stars, roughly 25 times the size of our sun reach that end of life phase they become supernovas, exploding outwards.

The hole is perhaps not the right word for a black hole because they aren’t exactly empty, they’re very dense. So their gravity is so strong that they start drawing in other matters around them and not even light can escape them.

stellar-mass black hole

Inside a black hole is the collapsed matter of the star. This is one theory and possibly the most credible. However, there are many theories.

The theory of loop quantum gravity suggests that there is no singularity. The singularity is where a variable in the equation becomes infinite. But black holes are simply folded in the universe.

According to a NASA QnA, page mathematicians and physicists have theorized that there are hollow black holes that don’t require the collapse of a start to form. This type of black hole is imagined to have an exotic geometry. And be a place where time travel is possible. But before we get too excited.

We should remember that time travel will only be possible. If we’re ever able to manage to move faster than the speed of light which of course right now we’re unable to do, but maybe one day.

They also lose mass in the form of Hawking Radiation, suppose you jumped into a Black hole. As soon as that happens, its tidal forces will come into effect and you will turn into a stream of atoms falling into it.

Finally, you will become a part of its mass. Almost all black holes follow asymmetry. All non-rotating Black Holes are spherical and all the rotating Black Holes are Ellipsoid. Means that they are normal spherical object with extraordinary gravity.

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How Airline Park Thousands of Planes?

How Airline Park Thousands of Planes? US traveling has dropped 95% compared to last year, and therefore the number of flights scheduled globally is down by 63%, the insides of airports are empty.

While some airlines have started transporting cargo on passenger planes, over two-thirds of the world’s commercial aircraft are grounded. The coronavirus has ruined the airline industry all around the world.

It’s somewhere between 14 and 15,000 aircraft that are parked are almost 60% of the fleet. Never before in history have airlines had to ground such a large amount of planes, so quickly.

With no demand for flights Delta and United reported their first quarterly losses in additional than five years, American Airlines said, its revenue is down 90% from a year ago. Parking many aircraft is additionally adding to their losses, these planes can’t just sit idle. They have routine maintenance and an area to be stored. It’s like a nightmare when you have thousands of plans with nowhere to travel.

Before the coronavirus hit airplanes were where they were meant to be within the air, at certain times of the year. There might be as many as 20,000 planes on the wing at an identical time round the world. At the tip of 2019, the world air fleet was nearly 24,000.

And now over 16,000 of these massive machines need an area to park. Aircraft storage facilities are around for many years, but never in history has the aviation industry had to park such a large amount of planes that want. Airlines are having to urge creative about finding space for planes.

How Airline Park Thousands of Planes?

A flyover of an airplane storage facility in Victorville California shows planes fit together like puzzle pieces on runways.

Victorville as well-known jointly of the world’s biggest airplane boneyards. A storage location for out of service or old planes. It was already storing the Southwest fleet of Boeing 737 max eights. But it’s now storing many other aircraft because of the shortage of demand. And traveling Victorville together with boneyards in Roswell. NM and Tucson Arizona are currently the highest three locations for parked aircraft. They’ve collectively stored 800 planes up to now.

Nothing these big has ever landed within the hours. Over a dozen planes are now sitting during a storage facility at the outback airport.

Aircraft point size for scale, a regular playing field is 160 feet wide, and narrow-body jet-like Boeing 737 with a wingspan of 117 feet. But wide-body airliners are twice that the world’s largest plane, Airbus’s A380 includes a wingspan of 261 feet.

Even aircraft manufacturer Airbus is being asked to assist.

Airbus together with Boeing dominate the commercial aircraft industry and together compose 91% of the market share.

Airbus has over 11,000 planes operating. Sky wise may be a digital platform that the manufacturer offers its customers to stay up the health of an aircraft. It collects data from systems and sensors to assist predict maintenance, still like help with the logistics of daily operations.

Airbus has added a replacement feature to assist airlines to find parking. Parking an airplane isn’t as easy as just finding spot factors. Like how long the plane is going to be out of service, and what variety of maintenance must be done, play a job find a location

These aircraft cost many a lot of dollars and maintaining them isn’t cheap. Even when parked, they have to run the engines cycle fluids and move the tires among many other checklist items.

This is often why some airlines are flying with just some passengers aboard, just to stay them running. When airlines know the plane goes to take a seat for months at a time, they’re sent to the desert, because the dry climate helps prevent corrosion.

How Airline Park Thousands of Planes?

Etihad Airways returned over 100 planes to its main base in Abu Dhabi. Where it sealed up engines and sensors to forestall things like sand from entering into critical areas. They are a very intricate complex piece of machinery.

The outlook for coronavirus remains unclear. Boeing told its shareholders that traveling could take two to 3 years to return to normal airlines have had to consolidate fleets to chop back on costs,

Airlines have seen incredible losses and analysts don’t expect that to prevent anytime soon.

Like many businesses large and little, they’re in survival mode, and looking out for methods to conserve cash, lack of demand may lead to canceling or deferring future orders for manufacturers.

Airbus and Boeing have already reduced production, and both companies are attending to slash jobs. As for the thousands of aircraft parked around the world, retirement could come much sooner than expected.


The Invention of Siri

The invention of Siri. Siri is virtual assistance which uses voice and makes answers, recommendations, and take actions accordingly. Siri is embedded in iOS, iPad, watch OS, macOS, and TV OS operating systems.

Invention of Siri

Siri was invented by a group of three persons, Dag Kittlaus, Tom Gruber, and Adam Cheyer. This was research given to them in a company Sri, Inc. Siri is a project of Sri, Inc and not a product of Apple Inc. Siri was then bought by Apple Inc.

The brain behind this idea was Adam Cheyer.

As he mentioned “We originally talked to computers in their language exclusively. Increasingly we talked to them in ours.” He states that assistance will be a paradigm in the future that will change everyone’s life. He says that virtual assistance is important for everyone as the internet and mobile is important.

Adam Cheyer started working with computers in the ’90s. He was aware of the fact that one day people will interact with computers more easily through Graphical interfaces and voices. So, he came up with the idea of Siri.

However, he was currently working in a company SRI, Inc. He builds his first prototype there. Adam Cheyer built more than 50 versions of Siri.

Over two decades, Cheyer had built over 50 versions of Siri technology. But when iPhone was released his team saw an imminent opportunity for others to use it in a way that would make them money.

They launched Siri in February 2010 and was bought by Apple two months later. Siri was launched on iPhone 4S. When Siri came out, it became very popular. Siri was on TV, commercials and there were hundred and thousand fan videos of Siri.

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How bad is the radiation on Mars?

How bad is the radiation on Mars? Missions to Mars may seem like a long way away. NASA currently has their eyes set to get humans us around the mid to late 2030s. But in reality, this time scale is very small because of some hurdles to overcome first. The most dangerous truth is being exposed to high radiations in space.

When it comes to the planet Mars there are many things we don’t know about it as a whole. Its history is very much a riddle in every aspect and we don’t know what lies beneath its surface.

We don’t know if we can make a colony there but of course, being human we are going to try which is noble. But also problematic for a very basic reason. Mainly we have to fight a lot of things to get us to not just live on Mars but survive there too.

We already know some of the basic dangers while living on Mars, such as not having a supply of food and water. Secondly no oxygen because of the atmosphere we don’t have natural oxygen that we can breathe. We would need spacesuits to make sure the pressures of space would not crush us.

The main culprit for the dangerous radiation in our solar system is the sun. It is constantly emitting light in many different frequencies and has a steady outflow solar wind. Which is highly energized protons electrons and alpha particles, in other words, subatomic particles? These cuts those wavelengths can be dangerous to humans as it is.

Radiation On Mars

However, most people don’t know about it that Mars is the planet infamous for its Radiation. The reason is a very thin atmosphere and the lack of magnetosphere.

Mars is constantly bombarded with High radiations and with high radiation a human can’t live and survive.

The question arises why Mars doesn’t have protection against radiation.

Mars has no protective magnetosphere as the earth does. Scientists believe that at one time Mars also experienced convection currents in its core. Creating a Dynamo affected power to a planetary magnetic field.

Mars radiation

This lines up with many signs from Mars that at one point in time. It may have been very much like earth including having oceans of water and possibly even fields of grass or other things.

The question is how did we learn about all the problems Mars has with its atmosphere and its radiation. The answer is simple we sent probes in crowds to find it out, with this process we learn what could we do in the future.

Roughly 4.2 billion years ago either due to a massive impact from a large object or rapid cooling in its core this Dynamo effect ceased.

As a result over the next five hundred million years. Mars’s atmosphere was slowly stripped away by solar winds between the losses of its magnetic field.

Its atmosphere and the surface is exposed to high radiation than our earth. And in addition to regular exposure to cosmic rays and solar wind, it receives occasional lethal blast that occurred with strong solar flares.

Why Earth is Safe from Radiation?

Earth is safe from high radiations because of the magnetosphere and the atmosphere that lies above our planet. Between the two we have a shield that will deflect the most harmful radiation but on Mars.

We wouldn’t have that shield or safety net. We would get the full-on radiation from both the sun and other resources from space. Which is why the red planet is a baked red badland with nothing living on it.

But then how do we get the radiation down to those safe levels, so assuming we can get to Mars and we can put people on it how would we protect ourselves from the radiation?

Well, the obvious answer is advice spacesuits and making sure that the various vehicles we take into space by NASA or Space X or whatever other company goes out there are shielded.

By the 2030s technology will have advanced enough for this to become a real possibility. So let’s see the astronauts have arrived on Mars.  


TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. Tesla makes some of the smartest cars in the world, but they always make an innovation, all the time. And the new model Y is no exception. Where Tesla has made a whole new heating system. The HVAC, as they call it, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

However, Musk’s brain has had another idea that he would really like to put the HVAC system into houses, making cleaner air, safe energy, protect you from bacteria, and other air pollutions making a smart house that can talk to your car, and much more.

Tesla’s next product could turn up the heat on the houses, doing a Twitter discussion about the company’s new vehicle the model Y uniqueness.

However, Musk said that the company could take its experience building cars to develop the HVAC system. Musk suggested that the idea could build on the process done on model Y. Elon was asked whether the HVAC will do cooling or heating, he replied both.

Smart Home

HVAC System for Home smart home

 Musk, House of Future presentation in October 2016 in a more integrated picture, a model 3 charging in the garage, powered by Tesla Power-wall battery. The batteries charged up by the power from the Tesla Solar Roof, creating a zero-emission energy system for both home and travel. It’s easy to see how the HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning could fit into this Picture.

Elon Musk suggested several ideas with the new product, the system could work with the vehicle to reach the perfect temperatures house could talk to the car and know when you will come from work to set temperature, humidity perfectly just as you arrive, no wasted energy. Just like Tesla does right now with the scheduled charging, where the car inside charging when you expect to be driving in the morning and have hated the car to the set.

So they have taken all they have learned from making these cars and their software system and want to apply it to a Smart Home too.

Model X Reduced Asthma Attacks

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

The model in the Model X has already helped Tesla owners, reduce Asthma attacks, and driving away from wildfires and move to safer areas.

This makes more sense than it may seem at first, Musk goals to transition the world on to sustainable energy with the Electric Car the power wall Solar Roof, battery power plant. And now hopefully making innovation yet again to make a better Air Conditioning System for your house that will probably use less energy, recycle condensation water cleaning the air you breathe and other air pollutions.

Tesla might bring in some of all their great software controls from the cars over to the house, making it better, safer, smarter, and more efficient. Excluding TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. They are busy with ramping up production of Model 3 in China. Starting the delivery of Model Y in the US. Building a Giga factory in Berlin, and building the phase two of the Giga factory in Shanghai, but it looks like all this is going according to plan.

So maybe it is not such a bad time to do it. It is going to be exciting to see if Tesla can come up with many new ways to improve the Smart House. Hopefully make the normal house into a truly Smart House, just like they did with the car.

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Zone of Silence Mexico – High Energy Votex Area

Zone of Silence Mexico – High Energy Votex Area. 400 miles south of El Paso, Texas. In northern Mexico remote section of the high desert. The area near the town of Ceballos is known as the Zona Del Silencio or the zone of silence. It’s the core for some of the strangest phenomena ever happened on Earth.

If you go there with your cell phone the cell phone stop working if you go with a radio, it stops if you go with a compass, the needle just keeps spinning. Nothing works there. It’s completely bizarre, there are strange rocks everywhere. You will see strange animals in the zone of silence.

Francisco Sarabia a Mexican Pilot

Zone of Silence Mexico - High Energy Votex Area

The zone of silence was first identified in the 1930s by Francisco Sarabia a Mexican pilot who claimed that his radio had mysteriously failed in the region while flying over.

People call it Mexico’s Bermuda Triangle. The zone of silence is located practically on the same parallel, 28th, and 26th, and as a result of that, it goes and connects with the Egyptian pyramids. So, all around that whole sector, there seems to be some connection between the anomalies that are occurring through these different parts of the world.

A scientist said Earth’s magnetic field does vary across the surface by up to a few percents.

ATHENA V-123-D Missile USA

Zone of Silence Mexico - High Energy Votex Zone

One of the strangest cases involving the zone of silence took place on July 11th, 1970. When the US Air Force launched an ATHENA V-123-D missile from its military facility in Green River Utah. The missile was set to land, 700 miles away at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. But for some unexplained reason. The Athena missile flew past the White Sands range towards the zone of silence. That was horrible.

Not only did it go off course it way overshot as if it had been yanked or dragged or pulled into it.

NASA spokesman said it was weird. It was like, the thing just got pulled into this area. And ended up crashing there and breaking up into bits.

Some claim that this missile is not only that is pulled in this zone of silence. Ancient Alien theorists believe a large number of meteorites have crashed in the zone of silence.

The evidence seems to be indicating that the zone of silence is some powerful energy vortex area that’s socking meteorites on other space debris right into this small area of northern Mexico.

There is a high level of magnetic power in the area that’s been proven by science.

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Why Photos of Eiffel Tower at Night are illegal?

Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore

Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore. These days, there are robots helping spacecraft dock at the International Space Station. Self-driving vehicles robots that work alongside us. You might have a robot that cleans your home and kitchen.

And we rely on seemingly omniscient digital assistance, advances in algorithms sensors and automation technology stand to upend nearly every aspect of modern life from work to healthcare, and even how we think of ourselves. In future Artificial Intelligence might extend human skills.

Robot Dog

Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore

Meet a vigilant robot deployed by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board or PUB. However, not just a surprise jogger of this public Park, but more importantly, to remind them to practice social distancing, the warning. Stay safe, stay home.

Singapore’s Public Utilities Board aims to help curb the spread of the coronavirus disease. The National Water Agency, originally used the talking robot for security surveillance and its various reservoirs, across the island state, but it is now decided to add on its role as a social distancing ambassador. Don’t worry, the robot will not harm anyone as they are emotionally controlled machine.

It is energetic. Its batteries lasting up to one kilometer of travel distance, which will now be increased to four kilometers over the screen.

The robot drew curious looks from joggers and cyclists, the new ambassador will collect data from its 360-degree camera to send live information to officers.

However, all of the convenience that we already enjoy thanks to robots. Took decades of hard work by scientists and some of the problems that robotics engineers were struggling with 50 years ago still haven’t been solved. So there’s a whole lot of history.

Thanks to Robots.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


Interesting History of Headphones

Interesting History of Headphones. We use headphones every day whether we’re listening to music, gaming, or talking on the phone.

Every time we do something that requires us to hear sounds loud and clear without disturbing anybody else around us. We carry them everywhere and the best thing is that we don’t even need to charge them. But have you ever wondered where do headphones come from who invented them?

Headphones originated from the earpiece, in 1891 the French engineer Ernest Mercadier was working on a set of in-ear headphones designed to be used with telephone receivers. After extensive testing and optimization, he was able to produce a miniature driver that could be easily inserted into the ear canal.

Interesting History of Headphones
Interesting History of Headphones

Mercadier earbuds were remarkably close to the earbuds we used today down to the use of rubber tips to make them more comfortable and sound isolating. Of course, there you’ll sound wasn’t yet invented so even though we have two drivers you just heard the same sound in both.

The first device that was more similar to what we would call headphones were invented in 1894 by a British company called the electro phone. They created a system that allows their customers to tune in to news for live performances from theaters and opera houses across London but their headphones didn’t look like the headphones we used today as you can see in the picture.

To find out more about modern headphones we need to go a little bit further inside to the year of 1910. The American navy was experimenting with early radio communication in inventors from all across the nation we’re sending in letters in prototypes of their inventions.

One of these letters came from the Nathaniel Baldwin, who invented a prototype headset in his kitchen. First, the American navy didn’t take too seriously but eventually, they tested his prototype and found out that it was a drastic improvement over the model that they were using at the time.

With the help of the military, Baldwin tweaked his initial and soon his version of the headphones became the standard one.  Then different companies launch their models, in 1997 Sony evolved and launched neckband Headphones.  

Apple created the first time their pair of headphones back in 2001 for the original iPod back then the headphone market was very different from today.

Earbuds weren’t nearly as popular and there wasn’t much variety when it came to headphone colors and styles. Nearly every CD player Walkman and MP three player before the iPod was bundled with a pair of on-ear headphones with a black cable.

And with time Apple became one of the biggest players in the headphone market in just a couple years it remains to be seen just how large their headphone line will grow but Apple is certainly going to be a top competitor for years to come.

Do You Know: When was the first Laptop Invented?


The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity. Nikola Tesla made an airy prediction before he died. He said when wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a Huge Brain.

When Nikolai Tesla invented the first Tesla coil. It was very clear that power could be transmitted wirelessly he was famously known for walking around with fluorescent balls in his hand near Tesla coils and showing how they could be late when you just hold them in his hand.

The problem with this system as it relies on near field electromagnetic waves and what that means is when you increase the distance by two that means it decreases the power by a factor of 64.

We all love to become less dependent on our phone Chargers but current wireless charging options just aren’t there yet so what if we can charge our phones with Wi-Fi.

Wireless charging devices in the market, you called electromagnetic induction. First, a coiled wire in a charging pad turns electric current into a magnetic field. Then that field is received by another coiled wire in your device that turns it back into electricity and charges the battery.

Most of the inductive charging devices we have today require direct very close contact between the device being charged and the source of the magnetic field, that doesn’t do much to resolve that feeling of being tethered to an outlet.

Researchers are looking to extend the distance of magnetic induction.

Others are instead looking at how radio frequency signals like Wi-Fi could be used to do the same thing to clarify.

Researchers have been working on it for a while now in charging via radio frequency or RF signals. This works pretty similarly to magnetic induction. first, a transmitter thinks your Wi-Fi router sends out an RF signal then a specially designed rectifying antenna or rec tennis in your device picks up that signal and converts it into an electric current.

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity

At first, verification is mandatory that they’re safe before they can be sold to consumers and that can take a lot of time but despite all these challenges we’re seeing a lot of progress one company called Ossia.

Ossia has developed an RF receiver and transmitter do all called coda the receiver and let’s say your phone first sends beacon signals in various directions around the location you’re in then the transmitter picks up these signals and then responds by sending concentrated R. F. waves along the same path that’s charging your phone this helps provide more energy to the device and other systems since you have a focused RF signal instead of casting the power over a large area.

Nikola Tesla wanted to transmit power first you have to understand that it’s pretty easy to transmit power wirelessly.

The Future of Charging

Example: All you need is an Ordinary balloon and a piece of paper. Charge this balloon up by rubbing on the floor. So what happens when you bring the balloon near the paper?

The paper goes towards it. So now wanted to generate some type of power by wiggling this paperback and forth well then just have to move my balloon buy it back and forth. So by moving a chargeback and forth and back and forth you can transmit power and so what we need to do to transfer energy is to move charges back and forth and back and forth.

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity. A company called Energous their technology called WattUp can charge small devices with RF energy at a distance of three feet and it’s already gotten FCC approval and they also have a newer version in the works that claims to charge more devices at a new distance of 15 feet.


China Mission to Mars July 2020

China Mission to Mars July 2020. Approximately every two years there is an opportunity for us to go to Mars again.

Why every two years?

Earth which rounds around the sun once a year. Mars on the other hands takes a little longer about 1.9 years, so once in a while, Mars is going to be on the opposite side of the sun.

Earth and Mars are basically on the opposite sides which is the farthest distance possible, but about every two years, they come to the position when earth and mars came near to each other which is the perfect opportunity for us to launch a mission to Mars because it creates the shortest distance.

This happens approximately every twenty-six months. Now in July of 2020, these 26 months will complete and there are now three official missions already plans to go to Mars. Two of them are happening one is so secretive that we don’t know the second one is the mission from China.

Zhang Kejian Director of China National Space Administration says that China’s Mars exploration mission will take place in 2020.

China’s first attempt to reach Mars was in collaboration with Russia, flopped in 2012. From a few years now China has secretively been planning a mission to Mars.

China Mission to Mars July 2020

The last time we’ve heard about this mission was back in January 2020 before the whole COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, this mission was super secretive nobody even knew it was being planned maybe because China wasn’t sure if it can pull it off.

Chinese planning to do, starting in July 2020 at least as of their last announcement. They plan to launch the heaviest rocket they have known as long March 5, it is the first Chinese launch vehicle. It failed once already. It only had three flights so far two of them were successful one failed miserably.

One planned for some time in April 2020 but we haven’t heard much about this either. So right now it’s really difficult to say if this is going to be a successful launch at all because the Russian launch failed of the rocket but just for this mission they tested the rocket engines back in January 2020, before the COVID outbreak. Some of the fewer reports suggested that everything seems to work fine. So, for now, we can only assume that the rocket launch will be fine.

Now the mission itself is extremely challenging, we know that China already has one major success on the dark side of the moon and this was essentially chunky formation that allows for the first time to see you with the dark side or the far side of the moon even looks like in terms of the actual surface. China’s space agency is planning to use relatively similar lending parameters for this mission as well.

If China, however, succeeds in this mission it means that there will be officially the third ever country to land on Mars.

If this mission successful then China could be the first country to find signs of life on Mars. But remember NASA is also planning something similar around the same time. We can say at this point that we have a new space race on our hands. The space race to colonize other planets possibly discover new resources on other planets as well. Possibly also be the first to develop some sort of a mining colony on the moon, that has recently been proposed by the Trump administration.

This is extremely complicated and a single mistake here will probably cost China the entire mission as we’ve heard many times from some of the previous missions as well. NASA so far has been successful mostly because of their previous experiences and the mistakes to learn from with all the previous failures.

If this goes well this is going to be a huge step for the Chinese space program and if it doesn’t well it’s going to be some other country that’s going to lend on Mars and what’s interesting is that for this particular mission China was able to get agreements from the media and Argentina to use their tracking services to try to track this mission and always progress using the telescopes.

The only thing we can do now is waiting for the mission to start in July of 2020. Then for the rover to land in February 2021. Most people are excited about the missions from the United Arab Emirates because their mission is a leader with more ambition.

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NASA and Space X Confirms that they are working with Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space

Mission Impossible, actor Tom Cruise, Space X, and NASA have teamed up to shoot a movie in outer space.

The project is in its early stages the action flip is not another follow-up to the Mission Impossible series. Although the project is still without a studio.

 NASA’s chief confirmed Tuesday that his agency is working with crews on a film to be shot abroad, the International Space Station.

It is hard to say how Tom Cruise will take part, but given his Record of performing impressive stunts in many of his films, do expect next level stunt action.

Tom Cruise, is known for his fearless films and for doing his own stunts. He flew fighter jets for the upcoming Top Gun Maverick. For Mission Impossible films he hung off the side of a plane as it took off, and climbed the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world that is in Dubai.

NASA had previously talked about how it would open up its International Space Station to more commercial ventures. It was reported back in 2016 that Tom Cruise had previously received astronaut training from NASA in Florida. Hoping to join the US mission, but was later discouraged, following the space shuttle Columbia disaster that killed 7 astronauts.

Filming on Mission Impossible 7 was put on hold as the coronavirus took hold of the world. The disease has led to a worldwide shutdown of Hollywood movies and other TV productions.

This Movie is not Mission Impossible Project.

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Why G-Force is a Nightmare for Fighter Jet Pilots?

Why G-Force is a Nightmare for Fighter Jet Pilots. Becoming a military pilot is a terrifying physical and psychological challenge. Those expect or desire to fly fighter jets must prove incredible abilities. G-forces is one of the challenging and terrifying things for pilots.

That’s why pilots have to spend some time in a centrifuge to prove they can handle the pressure or G force.

What is G-Force?

G-force is a force acting on a body as a result of the acceleration of gravity. Pilots experience G-force in sharp turns. Faster and sharper the turn greater the G-force.


G LOC stands for Loss of Consciousness or gravitational loss of consciousness is where the blood from the person’s head is no longer in their head, and it pulled out to their lower body. Sometimes the G forces are so strong that pilots can lose consciousness. 

When the blood is heavy. It reaches the brain with difficulty. Since it has to fly against gravity but the brain and the eyes may need a constant supply of oxygen and sugar carried by the blood. If the supplies, cut off the person loses consciousness.

A normal human body can survive up to 5G but trained military pilots with a flying suit can hold on up to 9G.

On the ground, the human body experiences 1G, which is normal body weight, a combat pilot, and the other half experiences G many folds.

So if at 1G the bodyweight is 70 kilograms. At 9G. It is around 630 kilograms, that’s 9 times human normal body weight. The stress and strain, the body experiences at such high G are tremendous. At such high G, the body gets heavier so does the blood. When the blood is heavy. It reaches the brain with difficulty. Since it has to fly against gravity but the brain and the eyes may need a constant supply of oxygen and sugar carried by the blood. If the supplies, cut off the person loses consciousness.


9 Life Lessons Undercover Billionaire Teaches Us

9 Life Lessons Undercover Billionaire Teaches Us. In the discovery TV show “Undercover Billionaire”, a billionaire named Glen Stern is making a million dollars’ worth business in just 90 days. He starts with only 100$ and a truck. He does it without using any of his contacts using his fake name in an unknown city. In this show, he faces many difficulties and troubles. In season he sleeps in his car and cleans washrooms. He does everything needed to build a business worth $1 million. He gives lessons for each step he takes and handles. Here are some of the life lessons Glen sterns explains needed for successful businesses and startups.

Recognize your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you are starting a business you need to recognize your strengths and weakness first. You need to be well aware of yourself and your team. This is one of the most important lessons Glen Stern gives. If you are not good at one thing, don’t go for it to create a business. Find what you are good at individually and as a team and then go for a business.

Find your Buyer First

9 Life Lessons Undercover Billionaire Teaches Us

Glen Sterns emphasizes finding your customers and buyers first and work backward. He says that most people develop a product first and then go for finding customers which is a wrong approach. Before developing a product, you should be aware of your market, buyers, and customers and then develop the product whether it is trash or commodities.

Identify a Need and Fulfill it

Identifying needs and fulfilling them is the basis of business and startup. Fulfilling a need and solving the problems always leads to a successful business. Look around you what people need or what difficulties they are facing. Needs change concerning people, places, environments, seasons, and much more. Some businesses are too good in one place for a specific period but not so good in many areas.

Buy Low, Sell High

If you are running short of money in any business. It is always a good idea to flip things, buy low, and sell high to make money you can use for many great things. There’s always a great opportunity to flip things, whether its real state, cars, or something else. In this TV show Glen Sterns flip some cars and a house which helps him to invest money in great things.

Lose the Battle to Win the War

One of the reasons in 9 Life Lessons Undercover Billionaire Teaches Us that Sometimes it is better to lose a small thing and focus on a big thing. Lose the battle to win the war. It simply is that you focus on long-term results rather than the short term. Business and startups are always long-term things. You lose small things for better results in the long term.

 Less is More

Less is more is always a good strategy to apply. If you are presenting an idea to an investor, a collaborator, or a customer, don’t go in unnecessary details. Unnecessary details make confusion and nothing else. Be specific about how your idea works, what you want, and what you want to deliver. Less is more is a great way to a social win.

No Job is Beneath You

Glen Sterns gives an important life lesson to do everything it needs. No job is beneath you. Glen Sterns says it and does it. He goes for cleaning washrooms, selling balloons, selling balls, and much more. At the start of any business you have to do everything yourself. Give yourself a tough time and doing the things you never wanted to do.

No is just the start of the Conversation

Most of the successful businesses have heard “No” instead of “yes”. “No” is just the start of a conversation. If you are said “No” means you are rejected so don’t be so miserable. If you are an entrepreneur or a businessman who is about to start, Ready for the “No” from most of the people. People will never trust you easily with their money or products. You have to work too hard to turn that “No” into “Yes”.

Don’t Confuse Effort with Results

One of the most important things all entrepreneurs and businessmen need to know is the difference between efforts and results. It gives the idea to work smart rather than hard. In the results matter and efforts don’t. So be aware of each and everything, work smart and make progress through smart work avoiding unnecessary hard work. Measure results and not the efforts.


The Success Story of Elon Musk

The Success Story of Elon Musk. Elon Musk is an inspiration for many entrepreneurs. He is an investor, engineer, entrepreneur, and businessman. He faced many difficulties in his life but he worked hard and did great in his life. Musk was born on 28 June 1971 in South Africa. His father’s name was Errol Musk who was a pilot and an engineer. His mother Maye Musk was a model.

Let’s take look at his life-changing moments that how he fought the troubles and became an inspiration for others.

Shifting from South Africa to North America

Elon Musk was born in South Africa. When he was 17 and have to join military services. He left South Africa for further education. Elon chose to leave South Africa and shifted to Queen’s University in Canada. He says about his homeland South Arica that “I think South Africa is a great country. However, if you wanted to be close to the cutting edge, particularly in technology, you came to North America.”

Dropping out of College

Elon musk was 24 when he dropped out of college. Elon got admission in college. But soon he realizes that this is not what he wants. He talked to the Chairman of the Department and he let Elon go on a deferment. Elon Musk wanted to come back if he couldn’t make it out. But he never returned to the college for studies.

Starting his First Company

At the age of 24 when Elon Musk dropped out of college. He started his first company Zip2. It was a newspaper software company. Zip2 was a success for Elon. In 1999 Elon Musk Sold Zip2 to Compaq for 307 million dollars.


Paypal elon musk

After selling Zip2 Musk got the budget to make another company. He started was an innovation in the financial sector that provided all financial services online. was later named PayPal. However, in 2002 eBay purchased PayPal for 1.5 billion dollars.

Starting Space X

elon musk life

Elon musk was always interested in space. So, he started Space X in 2002. Space X’s goal is revolutionizing the space transportation system and colonize Mars. He thinks that one day earth will not be able to live on. Musk is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Space X.

Starting Tesla

In 2003 Elon Musk started Tesla. Tesla is an American vehicle company. Tesla provided electric cars and auto-driving cars. The special thing about Tesla Cars is the Propulsion system. Most cars use internal combustion engines have hundreds of moving parts. Tesla’s use electric motors that have two moving parts, and single-speed “transmissions” that have no gears.

Solar City

In 2006 Elon Musk invested in Solar City. Solar City is a solar technology company. Elon Musk’s goal was to introduce solar technology to the whole world. He wanted the world to completely change to solar technology. Elon Musk wanted to reduce the efficiencies in the solar panel industry.

Introducing Hyperloop

The Success Story of Elon Musk didn’t end yet. In 2003 Elon Musk introduced Hyperloop to the world. The Hyperloop goal is completely revolutionizing the concept of traveling on earth. Hyperloop enables people to travel at a speed of 760 miles per hour. Hyperloop is a sealed tube with low air pressure reducing friction and air resistance, thus enabling people to go with such a high speed.  


NASA vs Space X

NASA vs Space X. SpaceX and NASA have the same interest. Both are big companies with the same interest so people get confused. There are some differences between these two companies. Let’s have a look at both the companies.



NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is an independent government agency of the United States federal government. NASA was created in 1958 devoted to space technologies for the benefits of mankind.

NASA is a non-profitable company. Their aim is to not making more and more money.

Many Political issues are involved in NASA. For a project, NASA has to get approval from congress. NASA’s project management which includes product making, construction, assembly, fabrication is not in only one center. But different Centers are involved for the completion of one project. Houston, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida these all centers are involved from design and shopping to launching. The projects will also go under the process of budget. In short, it is not short and straight to complete a project.

Space X

space x

SpaceX is a private company founded by Elon Musk on May 6, 2002. SpaceX’s mission is to colonize Mars. Elon Musk says that the extinction of humans on earth is inevitable.

 It is a profitable space service company.

There are no political issues involve in SpaceX. Their projects are not going through the budget process. SpaceX has no different centers for the completion of a single project. Simply they are working on their projects in only one center from start to the end.

Which One is Better?

NASA vs Space X. Well, this is a pretty hard question to answer. It can’t be answered with only one perspective. There are many perspectives involved. Many experts answer this question differently. There are too many differences between big companies. So, we can’t compare and judge them only on come bases. SpaceX is a private company while NASA is a Russian Company that focuses on manufactures from scratch. So, it is unfair to compare these two companies. According to this research, we can say that NASA is better in many sectors. Let us know your views.

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Does Mask Protect You Against Coronavirus?

Does Mask Protect You Against Coronavirus? Nowadays this is a trending question that wearing a face mask can protect you from the coronavirus? The debate on whether or not people should wear face masks even if they appear healthy has been on a constant tug of war. You wear a face mask that is probably up to you.

Making that decision for yourself it’s a lot easier if you understand what face mask can do and what they can’t. The number off novel coronavirus infection cases also known as COVID-19 continues to claim more than 3 million illnesses have been identified worldwide. While more than 200,000 deaths have been reported as for the most recent data from the W.H.O.

After the initial outbreak in January. Images came out of China within a novel Coronavirus originated and it showed many people wearing face masks now people all over the world are wearing them. What they effective in preventing this illness. The answer is much trickier than you’d think. However, there is one major catch to this. Doctors are usually trained to use these masks properly and the general public isn’t.

Naturally, people are growing concerned about the risk of infection. People are doing whatever they can to prevent themselves from this virus. Canada’s top doctor recommended that people who don’t have symptoms of Covid-19 wear non-medical masks when outside their homes. As an additional measure to protect other people.

The first thing you need to know is that no mask can guarantee that you won’t get it. Instead of the best way to think about face masks is as part of a larger set of protective measures along with social distancing and hand washing.

A senior scholar and an infectious disease expert at the John Hopkins said: “Face mosque can help protect against Coronavirus. And many respiratory infections that spread to the droplet route and that also includes other viruses and the flu.”

can mask protect us against Coronavirus

A common mask that protects against aerosols is called an N-95 respirator. Its name comes from its material’s ability to filter out 95% of aerosol particles. It’s also fitted to form a seal around your mouth and nose so there’s no leakage. But they only work if you wear them correctly.

The main two ways from which COVID-19 is transmitted are:

One way is by touching an infected surface and then touching your face this is called fomite transmission.

Infrequent hand washing is the best defense against this. But Wearing face masks correctly can play a role too because the mask does a really good job of keeping you from touching your face.

The second way someone’s respiratory particles can reach you is direct. From a sick person, these droplets are packed with millions of viral particles that fall in close range and whatever they land on.

Social distancing protects us from droplets by keeping you away from the particles emitted through sneezing coughing or even talking. The facemask could help there too.

That means face masks are especially important for people who don’t have the privilege of being able to social distance. That would be cops that would be a grocery clerk, taxi drivers, anybody’s coming into contact with a lot of people, and maybe can’t always maintain that six-foot distance.

By experts, if you were sick and you leave the house you should wear a face mask because it keeps your germs in. Illnesses can spread from an infected person to others from the air by coughing and sneezing. Over touching a contaminated surface and then touching your mouth nose or eyes. If you wear a face mask you can prevent those droplets from hitting your face or mouth.

Wearing a face mosque can also be uncomfortable and exhausting to use over time. By a doctor, if a mask does not fit your face properly you may end up touching your face more than if you were not forgetting one and on also they say N-95 respirator which is much thicker than a surgical mask tends to be the most effective in this case.

Does Mask Protect You Against Coronavirus? Facemask highlight something important in the fight against Coronavirus. It isn’t always about protecting yourself but about protecting the people around you. And if everyone is doing it we all protect each other.

Currently, there is no treatment available but to minimize your exposure to a respiratory illness takes the proper precautions. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least twenty seconds use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you’re in a pinch.

Do not touch your eyes nose and mouth with unwashed hands away close contact with people who are sick. To avoid spreading respiratory illness be sure to do the following. Stay home when you’re sick. Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue and then throw the tissue in the trash.

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Why Photos of Eiffel Tower at Night are illegal

The first question we need to know is why it’s legal to take a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night.

If you browse stock footage websites, you might have noticed you can rarely find videos of the Eiffel Tower at night. And there’s a good reason for that. They’re illegal.

Copyright law gives the original creator of a thing, exclusive rights to a sale and distribution for as long as they live, plus a certain amount of time. In Pakistan, it’s 50 years in India its 60 years but in the EU and all other countries, it’s 70. We all know the Eiffel Tower located in Paris, France. It was built back in 1887, and it attracts around 7 million visitors every single year.

Obviously, many of these visitors take photos of the Eiffel Tower. But if you plan on going to the Eiffel Tower and taking a photo at night, this is technically illegal. Well, it’s all about copyright law in France. Copyright law says if you make something you own the rights to it for as long as you live and then sometime afterward.

This means the actual copyright of the Eiffel Tower expired in 1993. Which means this design and likeness is in the public domain.

So in the daytime, you’re allowed to take as many pictures as you want of the Eiffel. But at night this is impossible. That’s because the Eiffel Towers nighttime lights show as the Nighttime Light Show was added in 1985, and this means it hasn’t been 100 years to Nighttime Light Show.

It is still protected by copyright law. It’s illegal to sell or share images of the Eiffel Tower at night. However, if you had shared a photo of the Eiffel Tower night on Social media. Then Don’t worry because the Eiffel Towers copyright has never been enforced in court. Enforcing this law against millions of tourists is very unsuitable. However, if you want to sell a photo of the Eiffel Tower at night you probably should ask for permission.


Life Biggest Moments of Steve Jobs

Life Biggest Moments of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was a great entrepreneur, business magnate, industrial designer, and investor. The person who revolutionize the world of technology. This is a person of inspiration for the youth to keep on changing our world for the better with their innovative minds, artistic taste, and entrepreneurial instincts. Steve Jobs’ life was full of troubles, ups, and downs. Here are some of the big moments in Steve Job’s life.

Born and Adopted

steve Jobs Adopted

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California, United States. He was born to two college students Joanne Schieble and John Jandali. When he was born, his parents were unmarried at that time. Steve Jobs was given for adoption and was adopted by Paul Jobs and Clara Jobs, who never went to college.

Meets Wozniak

steve and wozniak

Steve Wozniak was the friend of Steve jobs. He was a Computer scientist, inventor, programmer, and engineer. They did a lot of things together and became good friends. Steve Jobs started Apple with Wozniak in a garage.

The blue box was designed by Wozniak. Blue Box is an electronic device that generates the same tones employed by a telephone operator dialing console to switch long-distance calls. If it had not been for the blue boxes, there would not have been an apple.

Dropout of College

Life Biggest Moments of Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was not good at college studies. He was dropped out of college to drop-in classes he likes and interested in. In those days, calligraphy classes were offered by the college, so Jobs joined calligraphy classes, which had no practical application in his life at that time.

Started Apple in Job’s Garage

steve jobs Garage

In 1975 Jobs and Wozniak build a computer in Jobs parents’ garage, and in 1976 they cofounded Apple, bringing their computer to the market starting with Apple I. In 1977 Apple II was launched. It all started in a garage.

Apple introduces Macintosh

Apple Macintosh

Apple introduces Macintosh on January 24, 1984. It was the first family computer. It had a graphical user interface, a built-in screen, and a mouse. So good user experience was designed for the time that everyone could use it easily. Steve says that “Design is not how it looks; the design is how it works”.

Jobs leaves Apple

Steve Jobs left Apple

Jobs leaves Apple in 1985 which was a down moment for him. Steve Jobs says about this that “How can he be fired from a company that he created”. Macintosh sales were too bad. Jobs became critical of John Sculley. A board meeting was called and decides that Jobs in no more head of Macintosh division, which led to Jobs resignation. 

Founded Next


After leaving Apple Jobs was motivated to do something. He founded Next in 1985. The next mission was to create a computer to compete with Mac and PC. However, the next first workstation was launched in 1990 with a built-in Ethernet port. Due to the high price, it did not work and did not go well in the market. Later on, the strategy was changed, and jobs wanted to make hardware and to developed software for it for better computing experience.

Jobs becomes Apple CEO

Steve Jobs apple

Jobs returned to apple in 1996 and became CEO of Apple. Apple was in dire straits because of wrong decisions and leadership. Apple was bad days were at its peak, chewing CEOs, and delivering a financial disaster one after another. Steve Jobs quickly stages a boardroom coup, became CEO once again, and worked on new plans and strategies for new products. Steve jobs accepted investments from their main rival Microsoft.

Diagnosed with Cancer

Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003. Steve Jobs says that he was told by doctors to go home and get your affairs in order means to say goodbye to his family. He was told by his wife that when the doctors looked at pancreatic cells they started crying. It was a tough moment for him. But he was treated well and he survived.

Jobs Resign of Apple

On August 24, 2011, Steve Jobs resigned from Apple and Tim Cook was named as a new CEO of Apple. No reasons were given for the resign. But he was facing health issues for the past seven years. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2003 and a liver transplant in 2009.

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Steve Jobs dies

The great entrepreneur and a visionary man Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, due to pancreatic cancer. Jobs’ sister, Mona Simpson said that Before embarking, he’d looked at his sister Patty, then for a long time at his children, then at his life’s partner, Laurene, and then over their shoulders past them. Steve’s final words were: OH WOW. OH WOW. OH WOW.”