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10 Untold and Upsetting Facts about North Korea

The Reality of North Korea:

Don’t be surprised if people call this country a real prison. The country is constantly struggling with poverty and isolation. People here don’t have access to Wi-Fi, Facebook, etc. People are cut off from the rest of the world.

People here don’t understand what it means to be free. This place is such a close community that everything is produced internally.

The country doesn’t engage in trade, unlike other countries. It limits its business to certain countries.

Would you believe, people of North Korea cannot afford cars.

Tourist in North Korea:

north korea tourist

One can enter the country only through a well-organized tour. The time when one crosses the border, they seem to have entered a whole new world. The soldiers inspect everything one owns.

A traveling tip is that one should not carry a Quran or Bible or any other Religious Books or text since religion is banned.

No political books, no Magazines or no sensitive information. You can’t even discuss politics.

Soldiers take your phone to check what kind of photos you have, tourists is only allowed to capture specific places.

Three Generations Punishment Policy in North Korea:

3 generation punishment

North Korean citizens convict of more serious political offenses are sentenced to life imprisonment. While two generations of their family (children and Grandchildren) will be born on campus as a part of 3 generation punishment.

Only 15 Approved Haircuts in North Korea:

north korea hairstyles

Men and women in the country have given approved haircuts that have been deemed acceptable by their leader Kim Jong-un Sun. However, none of these 15 style matches the hairstyle of Kim Jong-un Sun. He thinks that his hairstyle is iconic and it can’t be copied.

Only Four (4) TV Channels in North Korea:

north korea tv channels

The media of North Korea is amongst the most controlled media in the world.

Two of them are Educational Channels and the others are sports.

Strict Radio Rules in North Korea:

It is illegal for North Koreans to listen to any other radio than state-run Radio.

All radios sold by state shops are fined tuned to government channels (frequencies).

No Free Time:

There are 6 days working week and another day of enforced volunteering which ensure that average citizen gets no free time.

Once a Glowing Economy:


North Korea’s economy was far greater than South Korea until 1970 but now the country’s GDP is 2.5% the size of South Korea’s.

Military participation is more important:

China is no doubt leading the world in both population (over 1.3 billion) and Military (2.3 Million) while it has the military that employs about 0.18% of the population. While on the other hand, North Korea employs about 4.7% of its total population in the military.

The fake illusion of Power:

north korea kim jong

The only thing that matter in North Korea is Military, Tanks, Rockets, and Military Displays. We hope the country becomes prosperous as other counties.