Space X BFR: Earth to Earth Travel in 30 Minutes

Space X BFR: Earth to Earth Travel in 30 Minutes. Back in 2017, Space X announced that they were seriously working towards using their BFR for Earth to Earth travel. Their plan involved the boat that may take many passengers to resolute a floating launch site. Where a BFR would be waiting to require them to their destination. The BFR would launch, break free its booster, and perform a propulsive landing at its new destination.

By leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, it’d allow the BFR to travel at much greater speeds than a standard airliner. Therefore reducing flight times enormously. Space X predicts that the BFR could travel anywhere on Earth in under an hour and complete most international flights in under a half-hour.

With the BFR already under construction for its first trip to Mars within the early 20s. The truth of earth to Earth rocket travel could also be much closer. However, before we start launching humans around the world on the foremost powerful rocket ever built. There are some enormous engineering, economic, and political challenges that should be overcome.

Elon Musk said “If you build a ship, that’s capable of visiting Mars. What if you’re taking that very same ship and go from one place to a different on Earth”

In order to achieve a security rating, which is on par with traditional airliners. The BFR would reach a fatality rate of only one death for each 60 million passengers, which the aviation industry has already achieved in 2017.

So far, the spaceflight industry has only achieved a rate of 1 death for every 31 astronauts. Since out of the 564 those that are into space 18 died. Although this rate is improving with every crewed mission that heads into space.
Not only will the BFR have to be the safest rocket ever built. It will also have to be the most affordable to work if it competes with the commercial airline industry.

Airlines: United, Delta, and American all depend upon international flights for an oversized percentage of their revenue.
If Space X can make the ticket price for a BFR ride low enough. They might start to create a dent within the traditional airline industry.

In order for Space X to challenge the commercial airline market, they’ll have to master the art of rocket reusability. The common price for an economy ticket from New York to Shanghai costs around $550. Consistent with Musk, the BFR will have an analogous capacity to the Airbus A 380 at around 850 passengers. Given an analogous ticket price Space X would collect around $467,000 per flight.

However, at that price Space X would struggle to create any profit. Once they factored within the cost of fueling and launching a rocket of that size. This is often where the importance of reusability comes in.
The Falcon nine currently costs around 37 million to manufacture, which is considerably cheaper than an A 380 that cost 375 million. But only 75% of the Falcon Nine is reusable and still requires lots of costly refurbishment, only to be thrown away after about 10 flights.

Compare this to an aircraft just like the Airbus A 380, which usually includes a lifespan of around, 27 years, and might make about 35,000 flights, before being retired.
If these airplanes were thrown away after just some flights, there wouldn’t be a marketplace for commercial aviation. Unlike the Falcon nine, the BFR is meant to be fully reusable and ready to endure many flights before any refurbishment is required.

For a flight like New York to Shanghai, the ticket price for a BFR ride will have to be somewhere between economy class and business class. So as for Space X to create a profit.

One of the largest challenges of all will presumably are available in the shape of seeking government approval. Getting governments around the world to cooperate and approve something so complex and risky. Which isn’t visiting be easy. So to guard the population from falling rockets and to scale back the sound disturbance. The BFR will initially launch and land perplexed.
This is another obstacle for BFR passenger transport since it’d only be ready to travel between big coastal cities, leaving the standard airliners to require care of small regional flights.

Another objection to BFR Earth travel is that the intense acceleration that passengers are going to be put through during launch. Musk mentioned that the G forces would be kind of like a roller coaster ride at around two or three G’s.
This rules out an oversized chunk of the population, just like the elderly, pregnant women, and people with heart conditions, who will choose to wing a less expensive and easier ride, which airliners currently offer.

Although the concept of rockets replacing airliners is currently just a dream, which many folks think is impossible. It is vital to recollect that the identical thing was once said about airplanes.


China’s Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

China’s Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun. China’s artificial sun will be ready this year. This artificial sun is six times hotter than the real sun, which could generate unlimited energy to the world.

According to media reports, this artificial sun will reach one hundred million degrees Celsius which is six times hotter than the real sun.

According to Scientists, this will help harness the power and energy of nuclear fusion. Which would revolutionize the world energy Eco. China’s artificial sun was announced last November but rapid progress has been done.

China's Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

According to media reports, in early trials scientists have achieved high temperatures.  Scientists are using a device called a tokamak. Tokamak has a powerful magnetic field to trap hot plasma. It is around fifteen million degrees Celsius at our sun’s core but the plasma from China’s artificial sun has reached an electron temperature of one hundred million degrees Celsius and an ion temperature of fifty million degrees Celsius.

Energy is generated by ions. Ion temperature will be raised up to one hundred million degrees. Ion temperature is usually lower than electron temperature, so this may be difficult.

China's Artificial Sun to be Completed this Year – Hotter 6 Times than the Real Sun

High-pressure nuclear fusion requires extremely high temperatures which the artificial sun could provide. If this project of china’s artificial sun is successful, it will do great help to ITER – International.

Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. Scientists from thirty-five different countries are working on this mega project, to generate new energy sources using nuclear fusion. If nuclear fusion can be harnessed using the low energy method. It could allow for the creation of unlimited clean energy.

In November Chinese researchers announced that the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) Reactor – an artificial sun designed to mimic the nuclear fusion process the real sun uses to generate energy, had reached an electron temperature of one hundred million degrees Celsius.

If China is successful in finishing HL-2M reactors this year, the international community will take years to apply the lessons learned from China’s artificial sun to the ITER reactor before it fires up its first Plasma, which is currently scheduled for 2025.


TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. Tesla makes some of the smartest cars in the world, but they always make an innovation, all the time. And the new model Y is no exception. Where Tesla has made a whole new heating system. The HVAC, as they call it, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

However, Musk’s brain has had another idea that he would really like to put the HVAC system into houses, making cleaner air, safe energy, protect you from bacteria, and other air pollutions making a smart house that can talk to your car, and much more.

Tesla’s next product could turn up the heat on the houses, doing a Twitter discussion about the company’s new vehicle the model Y uniqueness.

However, Musk said that the company could take its experience building cars to develop the HVAC system. Musk suggested that the idea could build on the process done on model Y. Elon was asked whether the HVAC will do cooling or heating, he replied both.

Smart Home

HVAC System for Home smart home

 Musk, House of Future presentation in October 2016 in a more integrated picture, a model 3 charging in the garage, powered by Tesla Power-wall battery. The batteries charged up by the power from the Tesla Solar Roof, creating a zero-emission energy system for both home and travel. It’s easy to see how the HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning could fit into this Picture.

Elon Musk suggested several ideas with the new product, the system could work with the vehicle to reach the perfect temperatures house could talk to the car and know when you will come from work to set temperature, humidity perfectly just as you arrive, no wasted energy. Just like Tesla does right now with the scheduled charging, where the car inside charging when you expect to be driving in the morning and have hated the car to the set.

So they have taken all they have learned from making these cars and their software system and want to apply it to a Smart Home too.

Model X Reduced Asthma Attacks

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

The model in the Model X has already helped Tesla owners, reduce Asthma attacks, and driving away from wildfires and move to safer areas.

This makes more sense than it may seem at first, Musk goals to transition the world on to sustainable energy with the Electric Car the power wall Solar Roof, battery power plant. And now hopefully making innovation yet again to make a better Air Conditioning System for your house that will probably use less energy, recycle condensation water cleaning the air you breathe and other air pollutions.

Tesla might bring in some of all their great software controls from the cars over to the house, making it better, safer, smarter, and more efficient. Excluding TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. They are busy with ramping up production of Model 3 in China. Starting the delivery of Model Y in the US. Building a Giga factory in Berlin, and building the phase two of the Giga factory in Shanghai, but it looks like all this is going according to plan.

So maybe it is not such a bad time to do it. It is going to be exciting to see if Tesla can come up with many new ways to improve the Smart House. Hopefully make the normal house into a truly Smart House, just like they did with the car.


Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore

Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore. These days, there are robots helping spacecraft dock at the International Space Station. Self-driving vehicles robots that work alongside us. You might have a robot that cleans your home and kitchen.

And we rely on seemingly omniscient digital assistance, advances in algorithms sensors and automation technology stand to upend nearly every aspect of modern life from work to healthcare, and even how we think of ourselves. In future Artificial Intelligence might extend human skills.

Robot Dog

Robots tell Joggers to Stay Home in Singapore

Meet a vigilant robot deployed by Singapore’s Public Utilities Board or PUB. However, not just a surprise jogger of this public Park, but more importantly, to remind them to practice social distancing, the warning. Stay safe, stay home.

Singapore’s Public Utilities Board aims to help curb the spread of the coronavirus disease. The National Water Agency, originally used the talking robot for security surveillance and its various reservoirs, across the island state, but it is now decided to add on its role as a social distancing ambassador. Don’t worry, the robot will not harm anyone as they are emotionally controlled machine.

It is energetic. Its batteries lasting up to one kilometer of travel distance, which will now be increased to four kilometers over the screen.

The robot drew curious looks from joggers and cyclists, the new ambassador will collect data from its 360-degree camera to send live information to officers.

However, all of the convenience that we already enjoy thanks to robots. Took decades of hard work by scientists and some of the problems that robotics engineers were struggling with 50 years ago still haven’t been solved. So there’s a whole lot of history.

Thanks to Robots.

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity. Nikola Tesla made an airy prediction before he died. He said when wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a Huge Brain.

When Nikolai Tesla invented the first Tesla coil. It was very clear that power could be transmitted wirelessly he was famously known for walking around with fluorescent balls in his hand near Tesla coils and showing how they could be late when you just hold them in his hand.

The problem with this system as it relies on near field electromagnetic waves and what that means is when you increase the distance by two that means it decreases the power by a factor of 64.

We all love to become less dependent on our phone Chargers but current wireless charging options just aren’t there yet so what if we can charge our phones with Wi-Fi.

Wireless charging devices in the market, you called electromagnetic induction. First, a coiled wire in a charging pad turns electric current into a magnetic field. Then that field is received by another coiled wire in your device that turns it back into electricity and charges the battery.

Most of the inductive charging devices we have today require direct very close contact between the device being charged and the source of the magnetic field, that doesn’t do much to resolve that feeling of being tethered to an outlet.

Researchers are looking to extend the distance of magnetic induction.

Others are instead looking at how radio frequency signals like Wi-Fi could be used to do the same thing to clarify.

Researchers have been working on it for a while now in charging via radio frequency or RF signals. This works pretty similarly to magnetic induction. first, a transmitter thinks your Wi-Fi router sends out an RF signal then a specially designed rectifying antenna or rec tennis in your device picks up that signal and converts it into an electric current.

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity

At first, verification is mandatory that they’re safe before they can be sold to consumers and that can take a lot of time but despite all these challenges we’re seeing a lot of progress one company called Ossia.

Ossia has developed an RF receiver and transmitter do all called coda the receiver and let’s say your phone first sends beacon signals in various directions around the location you’re in then the transmitter picks up these signals and then responds by sending concentrated R. F. waves along the same path that’s charging your phone this helps provide more energy to the device and other systems since you have a focused RF signal instead of casting the power over a large area.

Nikola Tesla wanted to transmit power first you have to understand that it’s pretty easy to transmit power wirelessly.

The Future of Charging

Example: All you need is an Ordinary balloon and a piece of paper. Charge this balloon up by rubbing on the floor. So what happens when you bring the balloon near the paper?

The paper goes towards it. So now wanted to generate some type of power by wiggling this paperback and forth well then just have to move my balloon buy it back and forth. So by moving a chargeback and forth and back and forth you can transmit power and so what we need to do to transfer energy is to move charges back and forth and back and forth.

The Future of Charging Wireless Electricity. A company called Energous their technology called WattUp can charge small devices with RF energy at a distance of three feet and it’s already gotten FCC approval and they also have a newer version in the works that claims to charge more devices at a new distance of 15 feet.


China Mission to Mars July 2020

China Mission to Mars July 2020. Approximately every two years there is an opportunity for us to go to Mars again.

Why every two years?

Earth which rounds around the sun once a year. Mars on the other hands takes a little longer about 1.9 years, so once in a while, Mars is going to be on the opposite side of the sun.

Earth and Mars are basically on the opposite sides which is the farthest distance possible, but about every two years, they come to the position when earth and mars came near to each other which is the perfect opportunity for us to launch a mission to Mars because it creates the shortest distance.

This happens approximately every twenty-six months. Now in July of 2020, these 26 months will complete and there are now three official missions already plans to go to Mars. Two of them are happening one is so secretive that we don’t know the second one is the mission from China.

Zhang Kejian Director of China National Space Administration says that China’s Mars exploration mission will take place in 2020.

China’s first attempt to reach Mars was in collaboration with Russia, flopped in 2012. From a few years now China has secretively been planning a mission to Mars.

China Mission to Mars July 2020

The last time we’ve heard about this mission was back in January 2020 before the whole COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, this mission was super secretive nobody even knew it was being planned maybe because China wasn’t sure if it can pull it off.

Chinese planning to do, starting in July 2020 at least as of their last announcement. They plan to launch the heaviest rocket they have known as long March 5, it is the first Chinese launch vehicle. It failed once already. It only had three flights so far two of them were successful one failed miserably.

One planned for some time in April 2020 but we haven’t heard much about this either. So right now it’s really difficult to say if this is going to be a successful launch at all because the Russian launch failed of the rocket but just for this mission they tested the rocket engines back in January 2020, before the COVID outbreak. Some of the fewer reports suggested that everything seems to work fine. So, for now, we can only assume that the rocket launch will be fine.

Now the mission itself is extremely challenging, we know that China already has one major success on the dark side of the moon and this was essentially chunky formation that allows for the first time to see you with the dark side or the far side of the moon even looks like in terms of the actual surface. China’s space agency is planning to use relatively similar lending parameters for this mission as well.

If China, however, succeeds in this mission it means that there will be officially the third ever country to land on Mars.

If this mission successful then China could be the first country to find signs of life on Mars. But remember NASA is also planning something similar around the same time. We can say at this point that we have a new space race on our hands. The space race to colonize other planets possibly discover new resources on other planets as well. Possibly also be the first to develop some sort of a mining colony on the moon, that has recently been proposed by the Trump administration.

This is extremely complicated and a single mistake here will probably cost China the entire mission as we’ve heard many times from some of the previous missions as well. NASA so far has been successful mostly because of their previous experiences and the mistakes to learn from with all the previous failures.

If this goes well this is going to be a huge step for the Chinese space program and if it doesn’t well it’s going to be some other country that’s going to lend on Mars and what’s interesting is that for this particular mission China was able to get agreements from the media and Argentina to use their tracking services to try to track this mission and always progress using the telescopes.

The only thing we can do now is waiting for the mission to start in July of 2020. Then for the rover to land in February 2021. Most people are excited about the missions from the United Arab Emirates because their mission is a leader with more ambition.


NASA vs Space X

NASA vs Space X. SpaceX and NASA have the same interest. Both are big companies with the same interest so people get confused. There are some differences between these two companies. Let’s have a look at both the companies.



NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is an independent government agency of the United States federal government. NASA was created in 1958 devoted to space technologies for the benefits of mankind.

NASA is a non-profitable company. Their aim is to not making more and more money.

Many Political issues are involved in NASA. For a project, NASA has to get approval from congress. NASA’s project management which includes product making, construction, assembly, fabrication is not in only one center. But different Centers are involved for the completion of one project. Houston, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida these all centers are involved from design and shopping to launching. The projects will also go under the process of budget. In short, it is not short and straight to complete a project.

Space X

space x

SpaceX is a private company founded by Elon Musk on May 6, 2002. SpaceX’s mission is to colonize Mars. Elon Musk says that the extinction of humans on earth is inevitable.

 It is a profitable space service company.

There are no political issues involve in SpaceX. Their projects are not going through the budget process. SpaceX has no different centers for the completion of a single project. Simply they are working on their projects in only one center from start to the end.

Which One is Better?

NASA vs Space X. Well, this is a pretty hard question to answer. It can’t be answered with only one perspective. There are many perspectives involved. Many experts answer this question differently. There are too many differences between big companies. So, we can’t compare and judge them only on come bases. SpaceX is a private company while NASA is a Russian Company that focuses on manufactures from scratch. So, it is unfair to compare these two companies. According to this research, we can say that NASA is better in many sectors. Let us know your views.


Everything You Need To Know About Falcon Heavy

Everything You Need To Know About Falcon Heavy. Falcon Heavy is the most powerful operational rocket in the world. Designed and manufactures by Space X. Falcon heavy is the updated form or derived from Falcon 9. Its purpose is sending things to the outer space mostly to the lower earth orbit and sometimes to the geostationary transfer orbit.

Falcon Heavy was designed to carry humans into space. To restores the possibility of flying missions with crew to the Moon or Mars. Falcon Heavy missions will deliver large payloads. To orbit inside a composite fairing, but the rocket can also carry the Dragon spacecraft.

Two Falcon Heavy rockets and one Falcon 9 are enough to send three kerbals to the Moon.

Everything you need to know about Falcon heavy

We are really glad to see Space X catching up so fast with more successful missions under his belt. Space X will become the obvious choice for commercial launches and hopefully, ministry launches in the future. Space x is the first private entity ever reach Mars orbit listed right after NASA, the Russians, the European Space Agency as well as the I. S. R. Indian space research organization considering the Chinese have failed in his first attempt to orbit Mars.

2017 has been a great year for Space X. As it has performed sixteen successful launches and three more missions are done. This is a huge deal because Space X’s lack of experience has been a focus of accusations by its competitors.

Falcon Heavy side boosters are used to send heavier things to space. And to send things with the same weight further into space.

Space X needs greater powers there are two ways to do that you can either make a bigger booster for the rocket or you just tie a bunch of boosters together this is what falcon heavy is three falcons nine boosters put together.

Everything You Need To Know About Falcon Heavy. The rocket has two stages. The first stage or the booster stage and the second stage the first stage is equipped with night best of its kind Merlin engines. The second stage is equipped with one Merlin engine all of them serve a single purpose which is to safely send its payload to the destination with all the powerful Merlin engines.

 Falcon heavy height is 70m and width is 12.2m with a weight of 1.421 million kg.

The excellent feature of Falcon heavy is that it is a reusable super-heavy launch vehicle. The side two boosters are fully autonomous using a self-written kOS script.

The heavy payload requires an ocean landing. Falcon Heavy will have the thrust equivalent of 18747 aircraft, it will be able to send 63.8 metric tons of payload to low earth orbit, 26.7 tons of payload to the geostationary transfer orbit it is a beast offering any other rockets in-service right.

Now here is a payload comparison between falcon heavy and its existing competitor’s falcon heavy is more powerful.

Falcon Heavy

Falcon Heavy’s first launch was on 6 Feb 2018 that carried the tesla roadster car as a dummy payload, the first launch is ambitious and achieve a lot of things at once. Although the payload, Tesla roadster which is about thirteen hundred kilograms the falcon heavy has a much higher payload capability three times the payload capability of falcon 9.

The second launch occurred on 11th April 2019 and the third one is on 25th June 2019. As all launches are successful and all the three boosters rockets are successfully returned to earth so Falcon Heavy has been certified for the National Security Space Launch program.

Space X also has no experience in sending things three hundred million miles away.

The price of Falcon heavy rocket is $90 million with reusable side boosters. And $150 million for the expendable variant of the rocket, which can lift 64 tons to low Earth orbit. Those who you don’t know Space X plan of colonizing Mars before the end of the century sending a power plant in 2022 and humans in 2024 to Mars.

NASA has this multi-billion dollar plan to build another international space station near the moon in the next decade guess who will be the best candidate for helping NASA Space X with its falcon heavy and its big falcon rocket.

That will be the most capable and the most cost-effective candidate for those missions this will mean billions of dollars of revenues for Space X for the years to come.


The Mars Home That NASA Awarded $500K

When you think of future Martian habitats. What do they look like? The Mars Home That NASA Awarded $500K.

A Squat half-buried dome that has no window, which is scary and boring, but what about Marsha.

Marsha is an AI space factory that has multiple windows, multiple floors, a private room, and even a skylight.

Above all NASA loves it!

NASA is figuring out how to send a human to Mars but when it comes to living on Mars, they decided to ask the public for help.

In 2010 NASA launched 3D printed habitat challenge. Over the years it is held multiple stages of the challenge that started with a virtual design. Challengers compete not only for bragging rights but also for money.

The first prize was half a million dollars. Challengers were judged by multiple criteria, including the material they used, the structure durability, and how airtight it was.

After four days of building and judging NASA announced the winner.

The winner was AI Space Factory.

Making of Marsha

Marsha Construction The Mars Home

The Material used in Marsha is made of Basalt Composite, something that no other competitors used, the AI Space Factory said it could be easily made on Mars because Mars has basalt speckled all across its surface. Once you have a good amount of basalt it is mixed with some plant-based polymers when you are on Mars.

Secondly, you will need a Robot to 3D print the Marsha (house) and other stuff like windows. The prototype by AI space Factory is only a third of the size that team invasion on Mars.

The Mars Home That NASA Awarded $500K. This prototype alone took 30 hours to complete from start to finish. The team during construction had to step in and help machines a few times but on Mars, the entire process will be fully autonomous because on Mars there won’t be many people to help.

Marsha  The Mars Home

This Basalt Composite is an effective shield against the high-energy radiation at Mars. Mars has very strong radiation. A person living on Mars unprotected from radiation would receive about five thousand times more radiation than Earth. That is more than enough to cause cancer.

Some experts said that any freestanding building on Mars is a bad idea, specifically because of the High-radiation, which is why some concepts proposed for Martian habitats are underground and look like nuclear fallout shelters.

Marsha designers said that homes above the ground are essential to the long term success of life on Mars. Moreover, he said isn’t psychological health also mission-critical.

NASA for years has been testing how humans withstand long periods of isolation.

Marsha Interior

The Mars Home

Marsha has multiple floors each with a purpose, the first contains a wet lab. On the other floor there is a kitchen and dry lab and on the third floor a hydroponic Garden, bathrooms, and sleeping quarters, and on the top a Gym and recreation center, there are multiple windows throughout the home.


Why Tesla Roadster is better than Bugatti Chiron

Why Tesla Roadster is better than Bugatti Chiron. Bugatti and Roadster both are public figure cars and especially nowadays roadsters got much fame because of Elon Musk. By look both are fantastic but some people love roadster and some Bugatti.

By Elon Musk, Tesla roadster is the world’s fastest car that is capable of  0 to 100 km/h in just 1.9 seconds, which is fastest than any car and Bugatti Chiron achieves the same 0 to 100 km/h in 2.5 seconds.

All Tesla models are brilliantly engineered and have a Stellar design. Tesla Roadster is a four-seater electric car.

Autopilot, auto emergency braking increases the fun performance. There are three motors in this car two in the rear one on the front.

Bugatti Chiron also has a beautiful and stunning exterior shape with absolutely beautiful lights.

As compare in size with the roadster, Bugatti is big. Bugatti Chiron is a two-seater sports car that engine is in mid between the rear and front axles. Ground clearance is low on this vehicle.

The top speed of Roadster is 250+ with 10,000 meters of torque at the wheels. It will be the fastest production ever. Disclosed specs are impressive, and the design blends aerodynamic efficiency with smooth flowing lines in a way that excites that primal instinct in all car enthusiasts.

Bugatti top speed is 300+ mph which is quite impressive. Instead of the engine in front, there is a hood that houses a small amount of storage space and also you get the traditional Bugatti grill. Beautiful Lip spoiler to make the car look extremely aerodynamic.

Special Specifications

As roadster in 10,000 meters of torque at the wheels is equipped with torque vectoring technology, the technology that torque is intelligently and dynamically applied to each wheel.

Improving handling and efficiency of power transfer making a very stable car on the road. For roadster to keep its wheel on the ground with all that power it’s just incredible, the way they manufactured these vehicles so they have super low gravity It’s wonderful.

The mile range roadster could go on one battery charge is 620 miles. All-wheel drive. The most publicized feature of the tesla roadster is certainly its head-snapping acceleration.

Bugatti rear tire size and brake disk size are bigger than front ones with beautiful brake calipers although this is a four-wheel-drive vehicle.

 On the backside, six exhausts make the car look fantastic.

Future of roadster

The next-generation Roadster is been described by Elon Musk as a hardcore smackdown two gas-powered cars.

Special Space X model of the roadster is rumored to come equipped with thrusters.

Elon musk confirmed that a special edition of the car will come equipped with “Small rocket thrusters”. But the estimated thrusters are definitely a feature that no other supercar can compete with.

Tesla Roadster is billed as the fastest and quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range, and performance. 600 miles on a charge, 0-60 miles in 1.9 second. A quarter-mile in eight-point eight seconds.

The Lamborghini Murcielago of price $354,000 achieves the same target of 0-60 miles in 3.1 seconds, 1.2 seconds slower than the roadster.

 The roadster specification beat the Chiron in almost every category, the single feature where Bugatti excels is its top speed which is 261 miles per hour.

11 miles per hour faster than the roadster but you can buy fifteen all-electric Tesla roadsters for the price of one Chiron.


Why Tesla Roadster is better than Bugatti Chiron. The price of the roadster is $200,000 in the US but the founder series (1000 to be produced) is priced at $250,000. This vehicle is not only the top of the line and way ahead of its competitors. It’s coming in around half the price if you try to buy it with another vehicle stock you’re going to be paying double of that. At that price with these specs, the tesla roadster is free.

Bugatti’s price is $3 million, and I think there is nothing further to say.


The Tesla Roadster is going to be limited to 10,000 models per year. Making this all supercars a scarce resource and by this roadster will become a collector item. Fan following of Bugatti Chiron is also numerous.


Why Astronauts need to learn Russian Before going to ISS?

Question is why Astronauts need to learn Russian Before going to ISS? Astronaut’s missions commanded by Russians to the ISS (International Space Station) on a Soyuz spacecraft. And other than NASA, the Russian space agency is the biggest in the world so operations and modules on the ISS are mostly in Russian.

Some of the cosmonauts are also Russian so Astronauts need to learn Russian.

Astronauts also have to learn Japanese and European to understand the technical systems.

All Astronauts don’t need to learn Russian. Astronauts and cosmonauts that are trained to work on International Space Station must learn English and Russian, it doesn’t matter what ship they are. While working on ISS you must need to learn both languages.

For private astronauts, it is not necessary to learn Russian. If the latest Astronaut candidates’ class will not be trained to work on ISS, then they don’t need to learn Russian.

The commander of the ship is always a Russian while the foreigner astronaut becomes commander of the ISS. Russian gets all his commands in his language which compels foreigners to learn Russian.

Slow down, Speed up/accelerate, Switch over to manual mode, Damp rate/velocity, Issue the signal, Monitor the propellant consumption, brake, perform deorbit burn are some of the common commands they are given in Russian. The Russian books for understanding the language contains hundreds of pages of commands.

Can Astronauts Return to Earth without Russia?

russian ISS traning

If the relations between America and Russia deteriorate due to some reasons as happened in the past many times.

 So, what would happen to the astronauts Americans have in space right now? Will America be able to bring them back?

The answer is no. The US will not be able to bring its astronauts back without Russian help.

But Russia will never mix politics with science and this will never happen. As Russian space agencies have foreigners so they will object. And Americans pay for what they get. At last, the Russian Space Agency cares about science and not politics.

Does Time Exist in Space? Do Astronauts Age Slower than on Earth?


Space X moves Starlink launch Mission Day Earlier to Wednesday (April 22, 2020)

Space X mission Starlink satellite broadband will launch a day earlier than scheduled. A bunch of 60 Starlink craft will get off the ground this Wednesday, April 22 rather than April 23.

The reason for the change in schedule is weather conditions. They said on April 22 its more favorable weather. Space X already had experienced Starlink’s mission. Space X has flown three Space missions to date.   

BREAKING: Wuhan Institute of Virology, WHO and Gates Foundation have all been Hacked

Introduction to Starlink

The billionaire behind the companies Tesla and Space X is known for his crazy plans. In October 2019 he took them one step ahead. It was when Space X permissions to launch 30,000 satellites into the orbit was accepted.

That is on top of 12,000 satellites they have already been approved.

The aim of Starlink is to provide high-Speed Internet around the globe. As on the Starlink website you see that the slogan of Starlink is Global Connectivity.

This is something that would benefit people in rural areas and even in jungles and places where current internet service is expensive and unreliable.

The UN Office of Outer Space Affairs estimated that there are about 4000 Satellites in the low earth orbit. On the other side, Space X alone would launch more than 30,000 satellites, however, the idea is to form a web of satellites whose orbits criss-cross and provide global coverage.

Cost of the project:

Space X is a business, and they would not do such a big project for little profit. Despite the project cost price is an estimated $10 billion. Musk believes it could bring in as much as 30 to 50 billion dollars of revenue annually.

Other Satellite Broadband Companies

Space X is not the only company racing towards satellite broadband. Companies like Amazon and OneWeb are also pursuing similar goals.


Does Time Exist in Space? Do Astronauts Age Slower than on Earth?

Does Time Exist in Space? A big conflict between Newton and Einstein was about time. The question is:

“Is time relative or absolute”? There are two main factors time is dependent on, Gravity and speed.

Newton says that time is absolute and every event is synchronized with one clock.

While Einstein says that time is relative. It is different in space and on earth.

Einstein says that if a person is in such a frame of reference where gravity is highly effected so he won’t observe the slow down effect of time because everything is slowing down even signals from the brain slow down.

But a person looking form outside of this frame of reference will clearly observe the slow down effect.

The second reason which Einstein explains for the slow down effect of time is speed. If a person is traveling with the speed of light, time stops. But he won’t observe the effect until he is looking from a stationary point of reference.

Twin Paradox

how do we measure time in space?

Do Astronauts Age Slower than on Earth? Here is a famous problem of time relativity which is called the Twin paradox. Suppose we have two twins. One is set to free in a rocket with a 90% speed of light. For him, the clock speed remains 44%. If we increase the speed to 99% the speed of light, the clock speed remains 14%. And If we increase the speed to 99.99% the speed of light, the clock speed remains 4%. In this case, if the child returns after 100 years. He will be just 5. However, if he is traveling with the speed of light, time stops for him.

Black Hole

black hole

Clocks near a black hole would tick more slowly than those further away from the black hole. Due to this effect, known as gravitational time dilation, an object falling into a black hole appears to slow as it approaches the event horizon, taking an infinite time to reach it.

Do you know that Colonization of Mars will take place in 2020 by Elon Musk.

Does Time Exist in Space? If gravity is high time slows down. Black holes have the highest gravity; therefore, time stops in black holes. In 1971 two scientists made an experiment to prove that time is relative. They had two atomic clocks. They set one clock on a plane. After the observation, they found that one clock was 100 billion part of a second.


Tesla Model X is the Safest Car in History says Elon Musk

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X is the safest car in History. It is totally electric car with dual-motor all-wheel drive, adaptive air suspension, and the fastest acceleration, it can seat seven people, it can go 0 to 100 km in 2.9 seconds and it has falcon doors.

Model X is one of the safest SUVs in history. The body shape offers a very low probability of injury to passengers. This is not the boring vehicle this is the craziest vehicle you can buy today.

Model X is an SUV but it doesn’t handle like other SUVs that’s because there is a battery pack beneath the floor and that weighs a lot so it keeps the car from feeling tippy or exhibiting a lot of roll in corners. By recharging just 15 mints at any supercharge location you can go up to 198 kilometers. And by complete charge up to 564 kilometers.

The falcon doors are the coolest thing about the Model X. Unlike normal car doors, you don’t open and close them by yourself, you just hit the button and they close or open themselves.

 They may not be like what you remember about gullwing doors because they have a hinge in the middle of the roof. There are sensors all around them so that they don’t hit your garage on the way up and don’t you slice in half on the way down.

The Point of Falcon doors is that they open in really tight and narrower parking spaces because they do go up and down very vertically now other car doors can do that as well like a van sliding door but that does not impact that impression, falcon doors are cool they’re theater and they draw a crowd whenever you use it.

Tesla Model X Speed

0 to 100 kilometer per hour in just 2.9 seconds is a way to measure how fast a vehicle is. Today anything less than 3 seconds is considered supercar territory.

Tesla Model X is the Safest Car in History. The interesting thing is when you are merging on the highway or passing a vehicle all you have to do is just put your foot down and you get all instant torque.

Features of Tesla Model X

Now talk about the amazing feature Autopilot, when you turn on Autopilot mode you will hear the beep and after that car takes over driving for itself, but the driver should keep its hand on the wheel because it’s just an assistance device.

 It doesn’t drive the car all by itself. Autopilot is monitoring everything around the car, it’s got cameras and sensors to make sure that it knows where the other traffic is and where you are relative to it.

It can change tracks by itself. Its goanna scan around and look for an open in and then when it finds it will turn all by itself. Front radar provides a long-range of 160m vision of distant objects. Ultrasonic sensors detect nearby cars, help in parking and avoid collisions.

Another interesting thing is that its windshield glass goes up above your head, you might think it’s strange or that you might get hot in the head or have the sun in eyes but Tesla’s tinted the window halfway down.

Also Read about Tesla Roadster.

Interesting Features

Driving a Model X isn’t like driving other vehicles. Its an electric vehicle so it is completely silent, quiet and because of electric it has tons of power that available at any speed.

The door will automatically open up when you walk up to the door having a key in your pocket. And just by pushing the break, the open doors will also close.

Another feature that people like is the giant center screen in the middle, by this, you can control anything in the car from this.

Model X scores five stars in every crash test, and Model X received a perfect safety rating from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), you have a 93 percent chance of walking away from an accident in a tesla model x with no serious injury to you or your passengers. All of these things make Model X magical and it’s what makes it so crazy.


NASA Hired Elon Musk To Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid

Forget the Mars Jupiter and Milky Way missions. NASA hired Elon Musk lo launch mission to giant gold Asteroid, it’s called 16 psyches. 16 Psyche is an asteroid 200 kilometers across and is believed to be made entirely of gold, nickel, and iron.

NASA Hired Elon Musk To Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid. Most asteroids are made up of rock and ice but this one is not. Asteroid were points of light in the sky, and now they’re real geologic places, the places we can visit. NASA is sending a spacecraft to visit the asteroid Psyche, thought to be metal-rich.

This asteroid contains much metal to make everybody on earth a billionaire.

NASA Contract with Space X

NASA Hired Elon Musk Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid space x and NASA

To achieve this NASA has contracted Space X to lunch the agency’s Psyche mission to a unique metal asteroid.

Space X has made some amazing accomplishments in a few years, so the company’s most powerful operational rocket in the world. Falcon Heavy launched its first commercial mission in back 2019.

Falcon heavy’s first flight was a historic making affair. So in Psyche’s mission, SpaceX will use its one of Falcon Heavy rockets.

Scientists think Psyche is the most probably exposed metal core of an early planet. Life on earth is on two heat engines one is the sun but the other is the heat engine below our feet that drives the moment of the plates.

They drove the differentiation of the planet. We have known for more than two centuries that our core was made of metal, but we have not been able to explore.

We can’t drill a hole that deep or we can’t explore with any kind of submersible in the oceans. What we’ve been looking for years a metallic asteroid, something that is very dense.

NASA Hired Elon Musk Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid

Psyche is our way to explore our very own planet. Researchers think this trip could help us learn more about Earth’s core.

Meteorites fall to Earth, some of them are tiny pieces, some of them are the size of a car, but psyche is very huge as compared to others.

Ten Thousand Quadrillion Dollars

NASA also wants to know if the psyche is a core of an early planet that could have broken off billions of years ago, right now there are not any plans to land on or mine the asteroid but the missions lead the scientists estimates the iron alone could be worth as much as ten thousand quadrillion dollars.

However, NASA officials said: The asteroid is considered unique, as it is made up of nickel-iron core of an early planet. One of the building blocks of our solar system.

Cost of 16-Psyche Mission:

This mission is of $117 million worth. It is scheduled for lunch in July 2022 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.


Tesla Roadster will be World’s Fastest Car in 2020 says Elon

Tesla Roadster:

Tesla models are brilliantly engineered and have a Stellar design. Tesla Roadster is a four-seater electric car. Autopilot, auto emergency braking increases the fun performance. There are three motors in this car two in the rear one on the front.

The top speed is 250+ with 10,000 meters of torque at the wheels. It will be the fastest production ever.

Disclosed specifications are impressive, and the design blends aerodynamic efficiency with smooth flowing lines in a way that excites that primal instinct in all car enthusiasts.

Specifications of Tesla Roadster:

tesla roadster

10,000 meters of torque at the wheels is equipped with torque vectoring technology, the technology that torque is intelligently and dynamically applied to each and every wheel, improving handling and efficiency of power transfer making a very stable car on the road. 

For roadster to keep its wheel on the ground with all that power it’s just incredible, the way they manufactured these vehicles so they have super low gravity It’s wonderful.

The mile range it could go on one battery charge is 620 miles. All-wheel drive. The most publicized feature of the tesla roadster is certainly its head-snapping acceleration.

Future of Roadster:

future of roadster

The next-generation Roadster is been described by Elon Musk as a hardcore smackdown two gas-powered cars.

Space X model of the roadster is rumored to come equipped with thrusters. 

Rocket Thrusters in Roadster: 

tesla 2020

Musk confirmed that a special edition of the car will come equipped with “Small rocket thrusters”. But the estimated thrusters are definitely a feature that no other supercar can compete with.

Difference from other Cars:

tesla elon musk 2020


Tesla Roadster versus Ferrari

The roadster is billed as the quickest car in the world, with record-setting acceleration, range, and performance. 600 miles on a charge, 0-60 miles in 1.9 second. A quarter-mile in eight-point eight seconds.

Lamborghini Murcielago of price $354,000 achieves the same target of 0-60 miles in 3.1 seconds, 1.2 seconds slower than the roadster. In fact, the roadster specification beat the Chiron in almost every category, the single feature where Bugatti excels is its top speed which is 261 miles per hour, 11 miles per hour faster than the roadster but you can buy fifteen all-electric Tesla roadsters for the price of one Chiron.

elon musk car

$200,000 in the US but the founder series (1000 to be produced) is priced at $250,000. 

The vehicle is not only the top of the line and way ahead its competitors it’s coming in around half the price if you try to buy it with another vehicle stock you’re going to be paying double of that. At that price with these specifications, the tesla roadster is free.

The Tesla Roadster is going to be limited to 10,000 models per year, making this all supercars a scarce resource and by this roadster will become a collector item.


What Is Artificial Intelligence and how it Work

What Is Artificial Intelligence: Each day a large portion of the population is at the mercy of technology. Yet few understand what it is Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to movies of every generation that has to form its fantasy and let us know about Robots. We expect flying cars and robots that serve in restaurants.   

Well if you ever browse Netflix video suggestions or communicates with Siri, Alexa so you probably interacted with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Ai is a broad area of Computer Science and makes machines seem like they have human intelligence, so it’s not only programming a computer to drive a certain car by obeying road rules but the program also learns everything from experience.

Artificial Intelligence in 1956:

Professor McCarthy

This technology is not new the idea is half a century old it’s been an idea of its time.

The term Artificial Intelligence was first originated back in 1956 by Dartmouth professor John McCarthy. He called together a group of computer Engineers and Mathematicians to see if a machine could learn as a young child does. 

The project proposal says they will figure out how to make machines use language from abstractions and concepts, solve problems and improve themselves as a young child learn. That was more than 63 years ago.

Very soon, AI will become a little artificial and a lot more intelligent.

Stop Thinking of Robots:

Ai as a robot

Stop Thinking of Robots, when it comes to AI a robot is nothing more than a shell concealing used to power the technology. Which means that AI can exhibit itself in many different ways.

Machine Learning:

machine learning

Just like a human being a machine retains information and becomes smarter over time. But unlike a human, it’s not going to forget information, memory loss, anxiety, sleep deprivation, etc.

How do Machines Actually Learn:

how Ai work

Well, it is so easy for a human to differentiate between a Cat and a Dog. But for a computer, not an easy task. When you actually look at the physical appearance of the cat and dog, the difference is little gray. You can say a cat has pointed ears and a dog has floppy ears but these rules are not universal. Tail length, fur texture, and color there are many options so it means someone will have to program these rules manually to help machine spot the difference.

But machine learning is all about making a machine learn like a human so it will take time for a machine to learn everything.

In Machine Learning, programs analyze hundreds of thousands of examples to build an algorithm.

Will Artificial intelligence affect your Job?

What Is Artificial Intelligence jobs

Well, it’s not like human versus machine but it’s Human and Machine versus Problem.

The point is that AI will help you solve a problem so you will accomplish more in less time  

Advantages of Artificial intelligence:

 Ai advantages

Artificial Intelligence mainly helps us in Error reductions as the machine work in a systematic way than humans, which gives Higher Precession.

Secondly, Machine can work irrespective to Tiredness, Anxiety, and Vacations 

Disadvantages of Artificial intelligence:

What Is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence systems are expansive to develop and maintain. 

Secondly, AI is Data Hungry as we have a limited amount of data and resources, so replicating Humans is not an easy job.


Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars by 2024

Elon Musk plans to Colonize Mars

Elon musk 2020

If the earth overpopulates where will we go?

Elon Musk plans to Colonize Mars right now seems the most viable option. Elon Musk one of the most talented and incredible minds as looked up in the sky and chose the red planet.

Now I will tell you how Elon musk plans to colonize Mars.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla along with founder CEO and lead designer of Space X.

Colonization of Mars:

Elon Musk plans

Elon has a net worth in the billions he has endless resources when it comes to colonizing Mars. He released his plans for this attempt in a talk that he gave back in October 2017. According to his plans, the colonization of mars should involve 1 million people which is about to size of the large city.

Built a Starship:

starship is ready To Colonize Mars

The first thing to colonize mars is to build a starship. The Starship was previously known as a big Falcon rocket. The starship will be a 35 story vehicle that he plans to start building at the beginning of 2018.

Elon plans to launch the first commercial starship in 2023. It will be able to transport about 100 people, the specialty of this starship is that it will be reusable making to travel the mars much more economical.

Why is Elon Musk Colonizing Mars?


Elon thinks that human is a Multiplanetary species (Relating to multiple planets) but more it would ensure the survival of the human race if there is ever a third [3rd] World War.

What concerns the fact that the nuclear tension is on the rise. According to Elon musk, the mars is just far enough so that the Red planet would not be negatively affected.

The necessity in the Plan of Colonizing Mars?

Necessity Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

The fact is that Elon needs money to pay for it even though Space X seems to have a lot of money but it cost a lot. If you want a trip on the starship to Mars it is going to cost you a lot of money. According to Elon Musk, the optimistic cost will be about $10 billion per person. The price tag like that won’t help a lot of people but if you take a look at Apollo Moon’s mission cost in the past, that program costs about $100-$200 billion in today’s dollar and they have sent only 12 people to the moon.

Elon Goal to get the Cost Down:

goal of elon musk

Elon Musk plans to colonize Mars but doesn’t want the Mars mission to be only the survival of the rich. This is why he wants to make this starship as cost-effective as possible.

His goal is to get the cost down to the reach of everybody which is about $200,000.

What Will Happen when Human reach Mars:

human on mars

The first question that arises in everybody’s mind is how we will be able to Breath as Mars is not plentiful in oxygen. Elon in response I believe Mars will be safe for humans.

Humans will live similar to the ones they are living on earth. He even joked about Bars on Mars (Mars Bar).

He also envisions the colony having restaurants, bars, and a fully-fledged social life.

The biggest thing people have to keep in mind when they decide to move to mars is that there is no promise that they will ever be able to move back to earth in early cases.

How Human Will Live on Mars?


In the simulations, it seems that people will live under a dome which will be pumped with oxygen so that they can live safely.

Another issue that has brought up is Deep Space Radiation, solar flares. However, Elon in an interview said that he doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Gravity on Mars:

Elon Musk plans To Colonize

The other issue is gravity as we humans are conditioned to live within our current gravity situation and our body is developed to survive in this climate.

With only 38% of Earth’s Gravity humans have the risk of losing bone density and muscles.

However, Musk said that the first colonizers will face the end of their life.

Will Elon Musk move to Mars?

Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

He is striving to accomplish Mars Colonization by the end of his life because he wants to move there himself. He claimed that there is a 70% chance that he will move to Mars.

Bill Nye Fan of Elon Musk about Mars:

bill nye about Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

Bill Nye Fan of Elon does have his reservations he compares Mars to Antarctica. He sees it as good for science fiction but bad for real life.

“It’s a good place to go for research but you don’t go there to live your daily life or to raise a family”

Did you know: Space X moves Starlink launch Mission Day Earlier to Wednesday (April 22, 2020)


HYPERLOOP: Ultra-High-Speed Public Transport

This is the story behind the concept that’s about to revolutionize our world. With passengers sitting in pods that travel faster than airline speed through pressurized tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation, the concept will evolutionally change the journey time between major cities and countries.

While it may feel like science fiction, Hyperloop will soon become a reality.


 fastest transportation

Hyperloop was first conceived in 2012 by SpaceX and Tesla founder, Elon Musk. In a white paper by Elon Musk years ago set out his vision for a super-high-speed transportation system that would move passages pods through a partial vacuum in steel tubes.

The idea addressing two key factors that slow down conventional vehicles Friction and Air resistance.

Elon Musk’s first proposal suggested that compression fans would move air around the passenger pods to minimize drag and create air bearing beneath them off the surface of the tube.

With the estimated price of USD 6Billion Musk’s Hyperloop concept never achieve.

Hyperloop Will be Open Source:

Elon musk
CEO Tesla and SpaceX

Musk had always stated that the concept would be always open source. And he encouraged others to come together and develop the necessary technology, independently from his involvement.

This led to the formation of many startups and student teams working to develop this technology and bringing it to reality.

Virgin Hyperloop One:

virgin hyperloop one

The Virgin Hyperloop one is on track to achieve its ambition of bringing this Technology in operation in 2021.

Virgin Hyperloop deviating slightly from Musk’s original plan. They combine two basic principles.

The first is magnetic levitation a technology already used in monorails to lift the passenger’s pods and move them along their rails. Magnetic levitation uses two sets of magnets:

One two repel the train from the track and lift it upwards and the other to move the floating train along the track at considerable speed with reduced friction. 

The second principle is the use of the low-pressure vacuum-sealed environment for the passengers, by removing most of the air from tubes and having no contact with the ground, the pods face little to no resistance as they move.

The air pressure inside the tube is equivalent to flying 200,000 feet above sea level.

Virgin Hyperloop Top Speed:

fastest transportation top speed

The Virgin Hyperloop has achieved the top speed of over 240mph to date.

The company is aiming to reach the top speed of 760mph (1220 km/h).

Where Will Hyperloop Be Built?

fastest transportation where to built

Virgin hyperloop One has launched a global challenge to find the routes best for it.

 With over 2600 entries from all around the world, the field was reduced to just 35 potential locations. With 10 winners around the world, Hyperloop is now working in partnership with each of the locations.

Is Hyperloop Technology Safe?

fastest pods

Virgin hyperloop One explains that they have to construct thick steel tubes that are extremely difficult to puncture or break. Additionally, the tubes are engineered to withstand a change in pressure and air leaks while maintaining their structural integrity. There is also the ability to section off parts of the route and re-pressurize sections where emergencies occur and all pods are expected to be fitted with emergency exits.


What is 5G Technology

5G is the 5th generation mobile network. It will take a much larger role than previous generations.

Foundation of 5G consists of:

1- Millimeter Waves

2- Small cell

3- Massive MIMO

4- Beamforming

5- Full Duplex

5G will be able to handle a thousand times more traffic than today’s network and will be 10x times faster than 4G and LTE.

Imagine downloading HD movie in Seconds.

5G will be the foundation for virtual reality, automatic driving, and the internet of things.

Other generations of mobile networks

Previous mobile network generations are 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G.

  • 1G brought us the very first cell phones.
  • 2G let us text for the first time.
  • 3G brought us online.
  • 4G LTE Let us enjoy the speed.

 What are the benefits of 5G?

5G is a new kind of network: a platform for innovations that will not only enhances today’s mobile broadband services but will also expand mobile networks to support vast traffic at a time.

Technologies that are the foundation of 5G

In general, 5G use cases can be broadly categorized into 5 main types of connected technologies:

  • Millimeter Waves

Your smartphone and other electronic devices in your home use very specific frequency on the radio frequencies spectrum under 6GHz but these frequencies are starting to get more crowded as more devices are getting online the speed is reducing and more drop connections.

The solution is to open up more space, which means more bandwidth for everyone from 3 kHz to 300 GHz.

  • Small cell

Today’s wireless network rely on large high powered cell towers to broadcast their signals over long distances but higher frequency millimeter waves have a harder time travel through obstacles which means if you move behind one you lose your signal.

small cells 5g 5th generation

Small Cell Networks will solve this problem using thousands of low power mini base stations these base stations will be much closer than old long and huge towers.

This would be especially useful in cities as the user moved behind an obstacle his/her smartphone will automatically switch to a new base station in a better range of his/her device. 

  • Massive MIMO

MIMO stands for Multiple Input Multiple Output.

basic MIMO

Today 4G base stations have about a dozen ports for antennas that handle all

Cellular traffic but massive MIMO base station can support about a hundred

ports This can increase the capacity of networks.

  • Beamforming

It’s like a traffic signaling system for cellular signals instead of broadcasting in every direction.

It would allow a base station to send a focused stream of data to a specific user.

  • Full Duplex

If you have ever used walkie-talkie you know that in order to communicate you have to take a turn to talk and listen.

Today’s cellular base station has the exact same mechanism, can do one job at a time, either transmit or receive.

full duplex 5g 5th generation

This is because of a principle called RECIPROCITY.

Now researchers have used transistors to create high-speed switches that halt the backward roll of these waves so they can pass each other.

How fast is 5G?

how fast is 5G

With 5G, data transmitted over wireless broadband connections could travel at rates as high as 20 Gbps by some estimates, exceeding wireline network speeds as well as offer latency of 1 ms or lower for uses that require real-time feedback.

5G will also enable a sharp increase in the amount of data transmitted over wireless systems due to more available bandwidth and advanced antenna technology.

Difference between LTE and 5G

difference between 4G and 5G

 There are several differences between LTE and 5G:

  • 5G is a unified platform that is more capable than LTE
  • 5G uses spectrum better than LTE
  • 5G is faster than LTE
  • 5G has more capacity than LTE
  • 5G has lower latency than LTE