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Foods That Boost and Improve Your Immune System

Immune System Booster: Our immune system protects us from the Daria viruses and other microbes like coronavirus to defend us against diseases. It’s a complex network of organs, cells and various proteins in our body that act in a quadrated manner to protect our body from various pathogens.

During the flue or viral season, many of your friends might get sick but some would stand tall and in good condition because their immune system is strong to defend his/her body from these viral diseases. The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against any microorganism interring in our body.

  • Stronger your immune system lesser will be the chance of you falling ill.

Garlic Boost and Improve Your Immune System:

foods that boost immune

Garlic is one of the vegetables that is used more than other vegetables in our daily food to add more taste. Garlic is known by one another name Immunity Boosting SUPERSTAR. In the old era people use garlic as an elixir of health it helps to treat the common cold, flu, and other illnesses.

Garlic contains 5MG calcium, 12 MG potassium and 100 sulphuric compounds power full to wipe out bacteria and infections.

In both world wars,garlic is used for meditation purposes.


Yogurt gives strong energy to our immune system

Yogurt gives strong energy to our immune system because yogurt contains live active cultures, Vitamin B12, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin B2, and Zinc. Yogurt is a complete protein. Yogurt is full of probiotics (Bacteria that keep our gut healthy).

According to studies, yogurt rich in probiotics that can improve your immune response by increasing the body’s white blood cell count.

Papaya Boost and Improve Your Immune System:

foods that boost immune system coronavirus symtoms

Papaya is also Foods That Boost and Improve Your Immune System.

Papaya makes your body thrive while fighting all types of infections and illnesses. Papayas are full filled with nutrients, and a collective advantage of them is the boost in immunity. The 200% of the recommended Vitamin C present in the papaya that really helps in boosting the immune system.


almonds boost immune system

The study revealed that naturally occurring chemicals are found in the skin of the almond that boosts the immune system’s response to infections and viral diseases.

Eating almonds can help the body to fight off viral infections according to research.

It’s been proven that regular consumption of seed and nuts including almond is incredibly good for your health and appearance.


broccoli boost immune system

Broccoli is a complete package of vitamins A, C, and E as well as many other fiber and antioxidants. Cook it as little as possible is the key to keeping its power intact.

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables.

Broccoli boosts our immunity because it is supercharged with vitamins and minerals.

Green tea Boost and Improve Your Immune System:

green tea boost immune

Green tea is also Foods That Boost and Improve Your Immune System.

The belief of green tea as a “wonder weapon” against diseases dates back thousands of years. Green Teas are rich in antioxidants called Polyphenols. Polyphenols are efficient infection fighters. They protect the body against potential viruses, infections, and sickness.

Making of green tea is not only very simple but very healthy and beneficial for your immune system. Other general the other name for green tea is immunity booster.