July 27, 2020

NASA Hired Elon Musk To Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid

Forget the Mars Jupiter and Milky Way missions. NASA hired Elon Musk lo launch mission to giant gold Asteroid, it’s called 16 psyches. 16 Psyche is an asteroid 200 kilometers across and is believed to be made entirely of gold, nickel, and iron.

NASA Hired Elon Musk To Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid. Most asteroids are made up of rock and ice but this one is not. Asteroid were points of light in the sky, and now they’re real geologic places, the places we can visit. NASA is sending a spacecraft to visit the asteroid Psyche, thought to be metal-rich.

This asteroid contains much metal to make everybody on earth a billionaire.

NASA Contract with Space X

NASA Hired Elon Musk Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid space x and NASA

To achieve this NASA has contracted Space X to lunch the agency’s Psyche mission to a unique metal asteroid.

Space X has made some amazing accomplishments in a few years, so the company’s most powerful operational rocket in the world. Falcon Heavy launched its first commercial mission in back 2019.

Falcon heavy’s first flight was a historic making affair. So in Psyche’s mission, SpaceX will use its one of Falcon Heavy rockets.

Scientists think Psyche is the most probably exposed metal core of an early planet. Life on earth is on two heat engines one is the sun but the other is the heat engine below our feet that drives the moment of the plates.

They drove the differentiation of the planet. We have known for more than two centuries that our core was made of metal, but we have not been able to explore.

We can’t drill a hole that deep or we can’t explore with any kind of submersible in the oceans. What we’ve been looking for years a metallic asteroid, something that is very dense.

NASA Hired Elon Musk Launch Mission to Giant Gold Asteroid

Psyche is our way to explore our very own planet. Researchers think this trip could help us learn more about Earth’s core.

Meteorites fall to Earth, some of them are tiny pieces, some of them are the size of a car, but psyche is very huge as compared to others.

Ten Thousand Quadrillion Dollars

NASA also wants to know if the psyche is a core of an early planet that could have broken off billions of years ago, right now there are not any plans to land on or mine the asteroid but the missions lead the scientists estimates the iron alone could be worth as much as ten thousand quadrillion dollars.

However, NASA officials said: The asteroid is considered unique, as it is made up of nickel-iron core of an early planet. One of the building blocks of our solar system.

Cost of 16-Psyche Mission:

This mission is of $117 million worth. It is scheduled for lunch in July 2022 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

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