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Why does Spacesuit Cost in Millions?

Why does Spacesuit Cost in Millions? If you take a look at it it’s hard to believe that this fluffy thing costs, way more than gold of its equivalent weight. So what is the reason for that? Why are the spacesuits so expensive domain. Standard spacesuit costs $12 Million.

When people first started to imagine space travel, it became pretty clear that human bodies are fragile for space travel. It’s not that fragile, as we see in movies like the instant dead, is not true. People can retain consciousness for about 15 seconds without a spacesuit in space.

And that overdramatize incentivizing is also not true. It takes time doesn’t boil, either as it remains pressurized in the body. So the spacesuits are designed to do a lot of things in a very small place stable pressure spacesuits need to maintain stable pressure inside to prevent decompression sickness, which is a very painful way to death.

Recruited Portable Life Support Systems

The spacesuits are also recruited portable life support systems that supplies, oxygen, and removes carbon dioxide. These need to regulate the temperature. The temperature in phase can vary from scorching hot in sunlight to near absolute zero in shadows, so they need to be heavily insulated.

They also needed a communication system to talk to other astronauts and the spacecraft. And we should not forget about the waste-collecting system as spacewalks can get a bit long. There are dangerous ultraviolet and particle radiation all around the space that can get you before you realize what hits you, so you need to shield yourself from that.

Protect from Micrometeorites

One other reason that space has micrometeorites traveling at the speed of 27,000 kilometers per hour. These will hit astronauts like a bullet. So the spacesuits are designed to ensure that these are designed to endure all that without compromising. A lot of mobility, as astronauts need to perform a lot of complicated tasks while wearing these.

These suits are designed and made by highly qualified engineers and scientists, a lot of tests are performed on them to ensure that every micrometer of them works perfectly. And of course, they are not mass-produced. All these factors make this probably the most expensive sort of person can ever wear.

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Do you have what it takes to Become an Astronaut?

Do you have what it takes to become an astronaut? Astronauts are trained around the world in many alternative locations. These include the U.S, Europe, and Asia.

However, unlike other careers, they are doing not always accept new recruits within the US. NASA makes it announcements that applicants are wanted on as per need basis.

The EU Space Agency hasn’t been hospitable astronaut selection since 1992. And even then, applications were accepted for just months on the rare occasion that position release the competition is kind of intense, over the years.

NASA has an upwards trend in interest. It said an all-time record in 2016, with over, 18,000 people submitting applications. Only 120 people are invited to attend an interview and of those, just half are welcomed back for those in Europe. The probabilities of becoming selected for training also are very slim during the last recruitment in 2009.

Only six were picked out of 8413, when do astronauts are needed candidates. The candidate must-have vast knowledge and skill to satisfy and preferably exceed educational program admittance guidelines. Irrespective of where they’re those that apply must be exceptionally strong in several key areas.

These typically include a high-level education, flying experience, and proof of physical and ability as an example to qualified to coach with NASA. Candidates must first complete an undergraduate program and earn their degree. And not just any major are accepted.

While there aren’t any schools or university tracks specific to the sphere. There are ways to find out applicable skills, you’ll focus your studies in Engineering, Mathematics, physics, biological, or computer sciences.

In addition to the current candidates must even have 1000 hours of your time commanding a jet aircraft. The third and last NASA requirement is passing a physical examination. Which has many alternative parts, among other things, there are vital sign limitations likewise as height limitations just how tall or short you are.

If you are not the proper height, you will be disqualified, as you will not fit inside a spacesuit.
In addition to the current, for obvious reasons, you will be able to see well with vision either naturally with surgery or with lenses

Similar to NASA the EU Space Agency requires a high standard of education in technical or scientific disciplines. Strength is taken into consideration and that they list additional mental abilities that prospective astronauts must succeed. These include the power to deal with high-stress situations, get together with others, and generally be adaptable.

time in space

Spaceflights may last for months, those within the spacecraft are crammed all at once with the identical people, each and each day, getting along are imperative to successfully tackling unforeseen situations, as they are available.

It will even be necessary to figure well as a team and to complete a given mission. Additionally to all or any of this, the Russian research Training Center claims that the concepts of motivation and trainability also are key for brand new recruits with the quantity of coaching.

They will be required to complete candidates must be willing to stay it through and exerting to master new things.
Astronauts must also know what to try as they orbit in space. For this purpose, they’ll be taught the concepts behind orbits and astronomy. Astronauts also are given access to a practical spacecraft model.
In order that they learn the way its different components function.

They will learn things like how the rocket propels the craft and the way insulation regulates equipment temperature. And after all very critically about how the systems work. That provides them with essential necessities like food, water, and air.
More than knowing how of these work, astronauts must even be able to respond effectively to their failure further he or she must know the way to guard them in any disaster.

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How much Astronauts Earn and Why Government Deduct Money from their Salaries?

How much Astronauts Earn. Among the jobs that many people seek, because of the imaginative experiences they provide is the job of astronauts. Astronauts have a pretty cool job, they get to go to space, they get to fly around in zero-G probably get to do a lot of cool experiments, but being an astronaut, it’s pretty dangerous, essentially, in a big rocket.

There’s a lot of hardware and other equipment that might break. And there’s also space radiation and other hazards that can be dangerous to an astronaut body.

We might think that these are very high paying jobs.

Does the Astronaut get a Substantial Salary?

NASA has disclosed some information about the salaries of its employee’s astronauts. To meet the wishes of people to identify this information. It also explained how astronauts live, how they eat, sleep, and behave.

In terms of salaries, Astronauts do not exceed the funds of a mid-sized company manager in the United States. Whose salaries ranged from the US $64,000 to $142,000 a year. Making it an average job given annual earnings space may be one of the most striking areas for us to see how vast the universe is and how small the earth is.

Why Government Deduct Money from their Salaries?

When the astronauts went to the moon, back in 0ctober 1968. NASA actually deducted money from their salaries, because they were providing the astronauts with their food on the accommodation for the duration of the trip.

You must know that over time the astronaut loses a sense of smell because of the Nasal obstruction. And gradually loses the sense of taste as well.

For this reason, NASA is preparing foods that do not spoil quickly. Those foods that have a lot of nuts and sweets. As for bathing it’s no different from the way most people shower on the floor.

This is followed by a sponge with a little water and so on it to keep the water as long as possible. Water is a valuable resource that is difficult to get in space. So the astronauts always tried to keep it for as long as they can.

It is a dangerous job and there is a lot of risks, Astronauts do because they like space, science, and exploration and the benefits that these things can bring to mankind.

Did You Know?

NASA and Space X Confirms that they are working with Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space.


What is On the Other Side of Black Hole?

What is On the Other Side of Black Hole? Normal maps are useless inside black holes. Time and space buckle around black holes and the laws of physics start to break down. What happens inside, what’s at the bottom of the black hole, is there even another side. The true answer is, we don’t exactly know, but that are some key theories.

There are two types of black holes that we know of supermassive black holes which are the heart of every galaxy and stellar-mass black holes. The supermassive black hole has half the mass of millions of stars and stellar-mass black holes are still dance, but on a much smaller scale and they can move.

Super massive Black Hole
Supermassive Black Hole

We don’t know how supermassive black holes formed but we do have some insight into stellar masses. This stellar-mass black hole comes from the gravitational collapse of huge stars.

For Example, Our Sun, would not be big enough to form a black hole. When stars, roughly 25 times the size of our sun reach that end of life phase they become supernovas, exploding outwards.

The hole is perhaps not the right word for a black hole because they aren’t exactly empty, they’re very dense. So their gravity is so strong that they start drawing in other matters around them and not even light can escape them.

stellar-mass black hole

Inside a black hole is the collapsed matter of the star. This is one theory and possibly the most credible. However, there are many theories.

The theory of loop quantum gravity suggests that there is no singularity. The singularity is where a variable in the equation becomes infinite. But black holes are simply folded in the universe.

According to a NASA QnA, page mathematicians and physicists have theorized that there are hollow black holes that don’t require the collapse of a start to form. This type of black hole is imagined to have an exotic geometry. And be a place where time travel is possible. But before we get too excited.

We should remember that time travel will only be possible. If we’re ever able to manage to move faster than the speed of light which of course right now we’re unable to do, but maybe one day.

They also lose mass in the form of Hawking Radiation, suppose you jumped into a Black hole. As soon as that happens, its tidal forces will come into effect and you will turn into a stream of atoms falling into it.

Finally, you will become a part of its mass. Almost all black holes follow asymmetry. All non-rotating Black Holes are spherical and all the rotating Black Holes are Ellipsoid. Means that they are normal spherical object with extraordinary gravity.

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How bad is the radiation on Mars?

How bad is the radiation on Mars? Missions to Mars may seem like a long way away. NASA currently has their eyes set to get humans us around the mid to late 2030s. But in reality, this time scale is very small because of some hurdles to overcome first. The most dangerous truth is being exposed to high radiations in space.

When it comes to the planet Mars there are many things we don’t know about it as a whole. Its history is very much a riddle in every aspect and we don’t know what lies beneath its surface.

We don’t know if we can make a colony there but of course, being human we are going to try which is noble. But also problematic for a very basic reason. Mainly we have to fight a lot of things to get us to not just live on Mars but survive there too.

We already know some of the basic dangers while living on Mars, such as not having a supply of food and water. Secondly no oxygen because of the atmosphere we don’t have natural oxygen that we can breathe. We would need spacesuits to make sure the pressures of space would not crush us.

The main culprit for the dangerous radiation in our solar system is the sun. It is constantly emitting light in many different frequencies and has a steady outflow solar wind. Which is highly energized protons electrons and alpha particles, in other words, subatomic particles? These cuts those wavelengths can be dangerous to humans as it is.

Radiation On Mars

However, most people don’t know about it that Mars is the planet infamous for its Radiation. The reason is a very thin atmosphere and the lack of magnetosphere.

Mars is constantly bombarded with High radiations and with high radiation a human can’t live and survive.

The question arises why Mars doesn’t have protection against radiation.

Mars has no protective magnetosphere as the earth does. Scientists believe that at one time Mars also experienced convection currents in its core. Creating a Dynamo affected power to a planetary magnetic field.

Mars radiation

This lines up with many signs from Mars that at one point in time. It may have been very much like earth including having oceans of water and possibly even fields of grass or other things.

The question is how did we learn about all the problems Mars has with its atmosphere and its radiation. The answer is simple we sent probes in crowds to find it out, with this process we learn what could we do in the future.

Roughly 4.2 billion years ago either due to a massive impact from a large object or rapid cooling in its core this Dynamo effect ceased.

As a result over the next five hundred million years. Mars’s atmosphere was slowly stripped away by solar winds between the losses of its magnetic field.

Its atmosphere and the surface is exposed to high radiation than our earth. And in addition to regular exposure to cosmic rays and solar wind, it receives occasional lethal blast that occurred with strong solar flares.

Why Earth is Safe from Radiation?

Earth is safe from high radiations because of the magnetosphere and the atmosphere that lies above our planet. Between the two we have a shield that will deflect the most harmful radiation but on Mars.

We wouldn’t have that shield or safety net. We would get the full-on radiation from both the sun and other resources from space. Which is why the red planet is a baked red badland with nothing living on it.

But then how do we get the radiation down to those safe levels, so assuming we can get to Mars and we can put people on it how would we protect ourselves from the radiation?

Well, the obvious answer is advice spacesuits and making sure that the various vehicles we take into space by NASA or Space X or whatever other company goes out there are shielded.

By the 2030s technology will have advanced enough for this to become a real possibility. So let’s see the astronauts have arrived on Mars.  

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NASA and Space X Confirms that they are working with Tom Cruise to Make a Movie in Space

Mission Impossible, actor Tom Cruise, Space X, and NASA have teamed up to shoot a movie in outer space.

The project is in its early stages the action flip is not another follow-up to the Mission Impossible series. Although the project is still without a studio.

 NASA’s chief confirmed Tuesday that his agency is working with crews on a film to be shot abroad, the International Space Station.

It is hard to say how Tom Cruise will take part, but given his Record of performing impressive stunts in many of his films, do expect next level stunt action.

Tom Cruise, is known for his fearless films and for doing his own stunts. He flew fighter jets for the upcoming Top Gun Maverick. For Mission Impossible films he hung off the side of a plane as it took off, and climbed the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world that is in Dubai.

NASA had previously talked about how it would open up its International Space Station to more commercial ventures. It was reported back in 2016 that Tom Cruise had previously received astronaut training from NASA in Florida. Hoping to join the US mission, but was later discouraged, following the space shuttle Columbia disaster that killed 7 astronauts.

Filming on Mission Impossible 7 was put on hold as the coronavirus took hold of the world. The disease has led to a worldwide shutdown of Hollywood movies and other TV productions.

This Movie is not Mission Impossible Project.


NASA vs Space X

NASA vs Space X. SpaceX and NASA have the same interest. Both are big companies with the same interest so people get confused. There are some differences between these two companies. Let’s have a look at both the companies.



NASA stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is an independent government agency of the United States federal government. NASA was created in 1958 devoted to space technologies for the benefits of mankind.

NASA is a non-profitable company. Their aim is to not making more and more money.

Many Political issues are involved in NASA. For a project, NASA has to get approval from congress. NASA’s project management which includes product making, construction, assembly, fabrication is not in only one center. But different Centers are involved for the completion of one project. Houston, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida these all centers are involved from design and shopping to launching. The projects will also go under the process of budget. In short, it is not short and straight to complete a project.

Space X

space x

SpaceX is a private company founded by Elon Musk on May 6, 2002. SpaceX’s mission is to colonize Mars. Elon Musk says that the extinction of humans on earth is inevitable.

 It is a profitable space service company.

There are no political issues involve in SpaceX. Their projects are not going through the budget process. SpaceX has no different centers for the completion of a single project. Simply they are working on their projects in only one center from start to the end.

Which One is Better?

NASA vs Space X. Well, this is a pretty hard question to answer. It can’t be answered with only one perspective. There are many perspectives involved. Many experts answer this question differently. There are too many differences between big companies. So, we can’t compare and judge them only on come bases. SpaceX is a private company while NASA is a Russian Company that focuses on manufactures from scratch. So, it is unfair to compare these two companies. According to this research, we can say that NASA is better in many sectors. Let us know your views.


Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars by 2024

Elon Musk plans to Colonize Mars

Elon musk 2020

If the earth overpopulates where will we go?

Elon Musk plans to Colonize Mars right now seems the most viable option. Elon Musk one of the most talented and incredible minds as looked up in the sky and chose the red planet.

Now I will tell you how Elon musk plans to colonize Mars.

Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla along with founder CEO and lead designer of Space X.

Colonization of Mars:

Elon Musk plans

Elon has a net worth in the billions he has endless resources when it comes to colonizing Mars. He released his plans for this attempt in a talk that he gave back in October 2017. According to his plans, the colonization of mars should involve 1 million people which is about to size of the large city.

Built a Starship:

starship is ready To Colonize Mars

The first thing to colonize mars is to build a starship. The Starship was previously known as a big Falcon rocket. The starship will be a 35 story vehicle that he plans to start building at the beginning of 2018.

Elon plans to launch the first commercial starship in 2023. It will be able to transport about 100 people, the specialty of this starship is that it will be reusable making to travel the mars much more economical.

Why is Elon Musk Colonizing Mars?


Elon thinks that human is a Multiplanetary species (Relating to multiple planets) but more it would ensure the survival of the human race if there is ever a third [3rd] World War.

What concerns the fact that the nuclear tension is on the rise. According to Elon musk, the mars is just far enough so that the Red planet would not be negatively affected.

The necessity in the Plan of Colonizing Mars?

Necessity Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

The fact is that Elon needs money to pay for it even though Space X seems to have a lot of money but it cost a lot. If you want a trip on the starship to Mars it is going to cost you a lot of money. According to Elon Musk, the optimistic cost will be about $10 billion per person. The price tag like that won’t help a lot of people but if you take a look at Apollo Moon’s mission cost in the past, that program costs about $100-$200 billion in today’s dollar and they have sent only 12 people to the moon.

Elon Goal to get the Cost Down:

goal of elon musk

Elon Musk plans to colonize Mars but doesn’t want the Mars mission to be only the survival of the rich. This is why he wants to make this starship as cost-effective as possible.

His goal is to get the cost down to the reach of everybody which is about $200,000.

What Will Happen when Human reach Mars:

human on mars

The first question that arises in everybody’s mind is how we will be able to Breath as Mars is not plentiful in oxygen. Elon in response I believe Mars will be safe for humans.

Humans will live similar to the ones they are living on earth. He even joked about Bars on Mars (Mars Bar).

He also envisions the colony having restaurants, bars, and a fully-fledged social life.

The biggest thing people have to keep in mind when they decide to move to mars is that there is no promise that they will ever be able to move back to earth in early cases.

How Human Will Live on Mars?


In the simulations, it seems that people will live under a dome which will be pumped with oxygen so that they can live safely.

Another issue that has brought up is Deep Space Radiation, solar flares. However, Elon in an interview said that he doesn’t think it’s a big deal.

Gravity on Mars:

Elon Musk plans To Colonize

The other issue is gravity as we humans are conditioned to live within our current gravity situation and our body is developed to survive in this climate.

With only 38% of Earth’s Gravity humans have the risk of losing bone density and muscles.

However, Musk said that the first colonizers will face the end of their life.

Will Elon Musk move to Mars?

Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

He is striving to accomplish Mars Colonization by the end of his life because he wants to move there himself. He claimed that there is a 70% chance that he will move to Mars.

Bill Nye Fan of Elon Musk about Mars:

bill nye about Elon Musk plans To Colonize Mars

Bill Nye Fan of Elon does have his reservations he compares Mars to Antarctica. He sees it as good for science fiction but bad for real life.

“It’s a good place to go for research but you don’t go there to live your daily life or to raise a family”

Did you know: Space X moves Starlink launch Mission Day Earlier to Wednesday (April 22, 2020)