TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. Tesla makes some of the smartest cars in the world, but they always make an innovation, all the time. And the new model Y is no exception. Where Tesla has made a whole new heating system. The HVAC, as they call it, which stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

However, Musk’s brain has had another idea that he would really like to put the HVAC system into houses, making cleaner air, safe energy, protect you from bacteria, and other air pollutions making a smart house that can talk to your car, and much more.

Tesla’s next product could turn up the heat on the houses, doing a Twitter discussion about the company’s new vehicle the model Y uniqueness.

However, Musk said that the company could take its experience building cars to develop the HVAC system. Musk suggested that the idea could build on the process done on model Y. Elon was asked whether the HVAC will do cooling or heating, he replied both.

Smart Home

HVAC System for Home smart home

 Musk, House of Future presentation in October 2016 in a more integrated picture, a model 3 charging in the garage, powered by Tesla Power-wall battery. The batteries charged up by the power from the Tesla Solar Roof, creating a zero-emission energy system for both home and travel. It’s easy to see how the HVAC, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning could fit into this Picture.

Elon Musk suggested several ideas with the new product, the system could work with the vehicle to reach the perfect temperatures house could talk to the car and know when you will come from work to set temperature, humidity perfectly just as you arrive, no wasted energy. Just like Tesla does right now with the scheduled charging, where the car inside charging when you expect to be driving in the morning and have hated the car to the set.

So they have taken all they have learned from making these cars and their software system and want to apply it to a Smart Home too.

Model X Reduced Asthma Attacks

TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home

The model in the Model X has already helped Tesla owners, reduce Asthma attacks, and driving away from wildfires and move to safer areas.

This makes more sense than it may seem at first, Musk goals to transition the world on to sustainable energy with the Electric Car the power wall Solar Roof, battery power plant. And now hopefully making innovation yet again to make a better Air Conditioning System for your house that will probably use less energy, recycle condensation water cleaning the air you breathe and other air pollutions.

Tesla might bring in some of all their great software controls from the cars over to the house, making it better, safer, smarter, and more efficient. Excluding TESLA Upcoming Project – HVAC System for Home. They are busy with ramping up production of Model 3 in China. Starting the delivery of Model Y in the US. Building a Giga factory in Berlin, and building the phase two of the Giga factory in Shanghai, but it looks like all this is going according to plan.

So maybe it is not such a bad time to do it. It is going to be exciting to see if Tesla can come up with many new ways to improve the Smart House. Hopefully make the normal house into a truly Smart House, just like they did with the car.