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Which Billionaire will become World’s First Trillionaire

The Question is which Billionaire will become the world’s first Trillionaire. The race to become the world’s first Trillionaire is well and truly underway and it is an exciting field of potential candidates all with their unique takes on the Business world. Today we are sharing the 10 people in the race to become the world’s first Trillionaire:

10: Bill Gates

Which Billionaires will become World's First Trillionaire

Bill Gates with the Net worth of a $110 billion. He has excelled in the 9 digit bank balance and is the only second person in history to do it. Bill Gates owns Microsoft and his software is installed worldwide in computers and laptops. He has invested all his time in Software Company that has changed the world. Gates owns a 127million dollar home that includes seven bedrooms and 18 bathrooms. He also numbers of expansive investments including Leonardo da Vinci’s Notebook, which he paid 30.8 million dollars. He also owns an extensive art collection worth 64million dollar. Bill gates also have a good taste in cars, he owns Porsche 911, 930 and the rare one 959, jaguar xj6 and Ferrari that’s total worth is $630,000approx.

The world’s second-richest man also have hydrogen-powered super Yacht worth 500 million approx.

Could bill gates become the world’s first trillionaire?

9: Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos currently the undoubted richest man of the world with $116 Billion. Jeff Bezos is known for a website Amazon. At its peak, the company made $1.5 billion a week, and $215 million a day in 2019.

Recently his Net worth dropped 10 billion when he pledged the money to fight climate change. Apart from his own space company “Blue Origin” he also owns several homes including $167 million home in a Hollywood Hills and a $23 million home in Washington.

However, he owns just one Honda Accord, but he also has a Business Jet Plane Gulfstream G650ER worth $65 million.

Will Jeff Bezos become World’s First Trillionaire?

8: Bernard Arnault

The owner of Louis Vuitton, one of the world’s largest fashion and Luxury goods retailer.

Bernard Arnault has paid $16 billion for fashion mogul Tiffany & co.

Arnault is currently Europe’s richest man and has overtaken Warren Buffett. He owns a home located on Paris’s left bank south of the sign River which is filled with a huge art collection including masterpieces from Damien Hirst and Pablo Picasso. He also has five houses which came to a total of $125 million. This man also has a Yacht worth $125 million, with 24 guest Cabin and a maximum speed of 21 Knots.

Fashion is also the identity of Bernard Arnault and is the king of Champagne.

7: Warren Buffett

 World's First Trillionaire

If there is ever a success story, worth mentioning it with the great billionaire Warren Buffet. He is also known as the great investor of the 20th century. His Business investments have let him achieve fortune of $85.5 Billion. He is working from the age of 14, he bought shares in Textile Company known as Berkshire in 1962. He lives in a modest $652,000 home. However, it’s reported that he has the large property that he uses it for holidays. 

Will Warren Buffett become World’s First Trillionaire?

6: Mark Zuckerberg

World's First Trillionaire

Famous around the world the guy that developed Facebook. Most of the worth around $1.1 billion came from the online social media site “Facebook”. In 2018 the company estimated 2 billion users with a market cap of $561 billion in 2019.

He is also involved in projects outside Facebook such as a solar-powered drone that can deliver the internet. His living is not more different from Warren Buffett. However, recently he began buying property all around the USA.

He also plans to build a 6100 square foot house including 2 bedrooms, 16-bay garage complex and administration building on the Hawaiian plot. Zuckerberg also has 16 bodyguards.

Can Mark Zuckerberg become World’s First Trillionaire?

5: Larry Ellison

He is famous for creating the software that handles credit card transactions on the planet.

He is the stakeholder and CEO of the Oracle, Ellison Net worth $62.5 billion.

This man owns some very fantastic real estate on Carbon Beach and in Japan, Hawaii and Silicon Valley. He has a $3.9 million home in San Francisco including 5 bedrooms. He also owns the Epiphany hotel worth $71.6 million in 2015.

 This hotel includes 73 Luxury rooms fully Virtual Assistance. Another $42.9 million was spent purchasing a private golf club in 2011, which was 250 acres in Rancho Mirage, California.

Other purchases in his portfolio include Gulfstream G650 and a series of yachts.

Could Larry Ellison become the world’s first trillionaire?

4: Larry page

Larry Page is the owner of alphabets which is also known as Google and many other companies.

Larry and his partner Sergey Brin created the world’s biggest search engine called Google.

Google has an estimated market capitalization of $927 billion. Larry has a large home in old Palo Alto, worth $7.2 million in 2015. Currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

He also owns 60-meter Superyacht with gorgeous features six decks open and shadow, gyms, and Jacuzzi. While many Billionaires prefer private Gulfstream jets, Larry page travels on a larger plane “His 767-200” which he purchased in 2005 with two stay rooms, showers, and dining area.

Both the friend has purchased their airport to avoid other people at the airport. They bought it for $82 million.

3: Mukesh Ambani

The question Which Billionaires will become World’s First Trillionaire. Mukesh Ambani is the richest man from India and throughout Asia. Ambani is a billionaire businessman and the Chairman Director and largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited.

Also the owner of the world’s largest Grassroots Petroleum Refineries. He is also known for setting up digital infrastructure for the 4G network in India. He has also launched a 4G smartphone brand name LYF. Indian’s biggest smartphone brand in 2016.

His house stands alone as who means business. He owns the skyscraper home called Antilla.

His private 27 story building in Mumbai has 3 helipads, 160 cars garage, and private movie theater and fitness gym. He owns the world’s richest cricket team Mumbai Indians in IPL for $111.9 million. Back in 2007, he bought Airbus A319 worth $60 million.

2: Steve Ballmer

The question Which Billionaires will become World’s First Trillionaire. Steve Ballmer was once a close friend of bill gates, he helped build the Microsoft Empire. The current net worth of around $59.1 billion commercial cloud services has helped him make a healthy profit over last year. It is also expected that his worth will continue with the appearance of new technology. He also owns a $10 million home in Hunts Point Washington. He also purchased a basketball Team worth $2 billion.

1: Elon Musk

Man trying to colonize the mars and the outer solar system, while he has a net worth of $35.5 billion. He could easily imagine his wealth upon completing his space-faring goals of colonizing Mars. His company Space X already has incredible worth $33.3 billion.

He also owns an impressive Electric car Company, Tesla, with a market cap of $88 billion.

 Solar city another project of Elon musk worth $2.6 billion.

Elon also owns a company called Neuralink that aims at development implantable Brain-Machine interfaces which were started in 2016 its Net worth now is $509.3 million.

He has sold his 3 bedroom in Los Angeles with the price tag $3.9 million.

Elon owns many Cars, recently he sent one of the famous car “Tesla Roadster” into space. He was recently hired by NASA to hunt down an asteroid called 16-Psyche, that contain enough Gold to make everyone billionaire on the earth or Elon trillionaire.

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